Easy Router Projects for Beginners (Step by step Guide)

Router Projects for Beginners

If you have just started to learn about woodworking and think of creating your first wood project, it is essential to withdraw from the basics. While writing down your woodworking plans, you should keep one thing in mind; there is no need to take massive projects. Selecting challenging projects will waste your time and money that you will spend on buying the advanced woodworking tools to complete that work.

The only way to become an expert in woodworking projects is to start learning about beginner woodworking projects; these are easy, and you will learn about the woodworking fundamentals.
Out of all the tools you will need to complete your tasks, a router is essential. All woodworkers require wood routers for projects, and you will need a wood router, too, when making your first wood piece.

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How to Use a Wood Router for Beginners?

A wood router is the most versatile tool in a workshop because various profiles can be applied to a router board. But beginners should be well informed about how to use a wood router . Following are some tips and tricks that will assist you in using a router for your first-ever task.

wood router projects for beginners

Install The Router Bits Properly.

The primary step to use a router is to ensure that you have installed the bit properly inside the router’s collet. If the bits are installed correctly, then the bits will be able to turn smoothly.

Selecting The Router Bits Speed

Secondly, the router’s bits’ speed should be selected correctly, the router’s motor can rotate the bits at a rate of 25000 rpm, and most routers can adjust the router’s speed with every bit and application.

Shank Router Bits

When you select the right router bit, you will get an idea that the router bits will fit in two different shanks. They can either work in the ½ inch or ¼ inch. It would be best to learn about when to purchase a ½ inch and ¼ inches router bit.

Reduce The Chance of Wood Splintering

To eradicate the chance of splintering, you should ensure that the bit’s condition is fine and sharp. To avoid splintering of wood, if you make several cuts against cuts, it is good to cut with the grain rather than cutting against it.

Going From Left to Right

One crucial step is to move the router in the opposite direction from that of the router’s rotation, thatis going from left to right. Once you do that, you will find that you will be able to control the router entirely in a while.

Using the wood router is not hard; it takes some practice to become an expert. You should know that a router operates at very high speeds; therefore, one should learn about all the precautions one should take before using a router.

What Are The Most Useful Woodworking Tools?

Below we have discussed the essential woodworking tools that every woodworker should have before starting any work,

  • Table Saws
  • Hand Planes
  • Orbital Sander
  • Chisels
  • Wood Router
  • Jointer
  • Power Drill

What is the Best Router for Beginners?

Some routers are more straightforward than other advanced routers, and it will be easier for any beginner to handle them. We have picked one wood router out of the best routers for beginners .

router projects for beginners

Although many vital factors have to be considered when searching for the best router, it must be according to your requirements like the size, design, weight, and features you need in a router.

First, you should have a router that is a combination of a fixed base and a plunge router. Fixed routers are the ones in which the router is fixed in the base location. Plunge routers are the routers with two hands on them, one on each side, which lets you manually plunge into the wood piece.

Considering all the requirements, we found that the BOSCH 1617EVSPK  is the most suitable router for beginners’ projects. It is the perfect one because of its flexibility, strength, and its robust nature.

router projects

It weighs around 18.2 pounds and has a 2.25hp motor. It is fixed-base and plunge router. This router comprises a T-handle hex wrench, which is built-in in the wood router.

The Triton TRA001 and PORTER-CABLE 892 are also better options if you have a set budget for the router.

Woodworking projects for beginners

Hardwood cutting board

A superb woodworking project, to begin with, will be a hardwood cutting board. Various hardwoods can be used to create a cutting board to give them a different look. This wood task will be quite an educational and fun project.

A Bookstand

A stand is ideal for keeping books and magazines. It is very convenient to place books on it vertically. You can make an adjustable bookstand, which will be useful and a good learning project for you. Add this task to your woodworking plans; it needs two identical halves that are separated by hinges. This project will increase your creative skills.

Window shutters or louvers

A window shutter allows air ventilation inside a place but also provides privacy through a traditional door panel. Louvers are not hard to build if you have some knowledge of cutting the notches. Through this task, you will learn how to make the necessary jigs for your router.

Build a clay pot hanger

Gardeners have at least a handful of clay pots used as a container for gardening or seeds. These pots take up a lot of space; you can build a clay pot hanger to keep all the clay pots vertically without consuming much space on the floor.

Through this job, you will create a wooden pot hanger that can hold four to five pots and look spectacular in a garden. This work is fun, fast, and will be appreciated by people.

A neat wooden stool

If you like the idea of making a small wooden stool, then you should go for this project. It would be best to use a jigsaw to create a seat and make the edges round using a round-over router bit.

The round over bits will make the edges smoother, and the wood will look classier. The round over bits also helps to create comfortable furniture.

A stone top patio table

A Little do-it-yourself outdoor furniture patio table can fit into backyards; you can keep your drink glasses on it or a book that you are reading while enjoying your time. It takes about three to complete from start to end, and you will only need essential tools for it, including a miter saw.

4 Beginner Ways to Use a Woodworking Router

As a woodworker we all of know that about the routers myriad uses for woodworking project.

One more thing the tool actually useable for functional and decorative .we say that it is great power tool the main cause it is portable and we can use it for our work like range of cutting and trimming design also etc.  Let’s learn more about this type of tool actually how we can use more for our woodworking project for beginners.

Making Perfect Edges

We all know that cutting a smooth edge basically a narrow piece of any type of wood could be most difficult, but we can use any type of router for this type of work it will be completed without any Hasselt. And best palm router and also some router are available on the market best wood router for beginner both types of router are used to work even any hard cut.

wood router projects for beginners

Shaping Stylish Molding

Any kind of decorating and molding router can help to do the best design style and we also create the best shaping stylish molding with our router. Doors, Windows, and chair any king of design is possible with router.

easy router projects

Carving out Clean Rabbets

Basically always a ghast or groove cut at the edge of the wood, main it is used on the back edge of a cabinet we can say that is used on the side of the bookcase. When you actually create a casement window jam and that time it is used mainly. a perfect router using can help us to create the best woodcut groove for any type of woodwork.

router projects for beginners

Re-Creating Patterns

All routers will be used to cut grooves and designs patterns across lots of piece of any type of wood. For example, we can say if you have any type of broken piece of wood like a broken table has broken window we can also use the router for “trace” we can re-create the original piece as lots of time as we like.

beginner router projects

Free woodworking plans

If you want to more know about free woodworking plans and projects we are in the right place now. I am trying to give you some of my experience about also my free woodworking projects. Let’s go for learning more now.

I am just explaining the entire topic a little bit now. At first, we can do free workbench plans, next is free bookcase plans, free shed plans, free coffee table plans, free picnic table plans, free doghouse plans, free wine rack plans, Free desk plans this are the most useable topic which is important for who actually want to know about free woodworking plans. This are topic is simple router projects for beginners we can say easy wood projects, try to read my all content carefully it will help you to make a better project.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I build with a router?

You can build several items with a router. There is rarely any limit if you use your imagination and excel in creativity. The same traditional design can get a modern touch and become a stylish one. From furniture to regular pieces, building these is easy with some practice. The following list can help you to get the idea for some of these-

● Organizer for desks.
● Wood frame with different designs and patterns.
● Cabinets for various purposes.
● Racks for storing different items.
● A TV or oven stand.
● Room signs or name textures for your home entrance and inside.
● Stylish and durable cutting board for use in the kitchen.
● Small box drawers.
● Corner stands and stools for the living room.
● Serving tray in different shapes.
● Cribs for babies.
● Toolbox for home.
● Benches for the garden.
● Dollhouse or toy items (cars, boats, etc.)
● Shoe racks.

What can you do with a wood router?

A woodworking router is capable of doing several jobs. Users can make decorative and functional items, give them desirable designs to create a stylish look. Some of the things you can do with a router are-
● Cutting a smooth edge can be difficult, but not if you have this tool. With any type, it is an easy process to give the wood a perfect finishing. Be ready to do this kind of task without any hassle.

● May it be any woodwork- it is possible to have the best woodcut groove for your work. While making an item like cabinets or tables, clean rabbets are necessary.

● Routers are also superior for recreating patterns. If there are broken pieces of any woodwork, take your time. Fixing them to the original design is easy if you have the right tool.

● Molding and shaping is another benefit of having a router. You can make doors, windows, or different pieces of furniture.

What is the best router for a beginner?

Beginners need something to learn simply and with a less complex process. For that, selecting a router with a comfortable handling facility is crucial. It should be handy for the user to perform their tasks regularly.

There are few types of routers available in the market. Users must understand and decide the kind of woodwork they are going to do. Usually, the tool should be efficient in making joints, shaping, molding, smoothing edges. In short, it needs to work as an assistant to fulfill all the necessary woodwork.

Also, wood routers can provide detail and decorative touches to user’s work. And this tool has the usage of different functions, not just shaping or cutting edges. With all the criteria discussed, fixed base wood routers are perfect for beginners. These will provide more accuracy and efficiency while working.

What is a good first woodworking project?

Everyone becomes excited about building their first item. As a beginner, you should focus on simple design and fewer constriction steps. Some of the ideas can be the following-

Another thing to do is making a bookstand for books and magazines. With a simple design, it can enhance your creative side as well. While doing this project, go for ideas that you would love to have as a beginner.

Clay pot hangers
Preparing this hanger will bring joy to you or any gardener. Tree lovers use this product to organize their indoor and outdoor plants. A vertical one will hold five to ten clay plots if you make a bigger one. A small one can hold up to five-six clay pots.

If you build this item as your first work, surely this will bring learning opportunities through it. Appreciation is a bonus after making them.

Shutter for Window
This product is for air ventilation inside the room with a stylish appearance. Though it looks traditional, it is never out of demand. Building this will allow you to learn jigs for the router. Additionally, the design is not that hard to bring difficulties.

Hardwood cutting board
Cutting boards are an easy and fun project to do. You can use various hardwoods to create different looks and also gain an educational experience.

A wooden stool
Stools have a simple design and fewer steps for building. Make sure to use a jigsaw for the seat. Then use the router to shape the edges smoothly. You should choose this project if you like to construct furniture for fun.


To learn any skill, you need to take small steps to reach perfection. Similarly, for woodworking, the main point is to start doing woodworking projects for beginners . This article will help you in starting with your work.

The woodworking plans for beginners do not require any advanced tools or techniques and don’t take much of your time. Since these plans need simple items, hence you don’t have to stress about them.

Remember that you don’t have to build something flawless when you do these projects since you are still a learning woodworker.

DIY wood projects are not only pretty but also operational. You can learn the essential tips and techniques explained above and start creating something useful and beautiful.

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