Top 10 Small Woodworking Projects to Make Money in 2020 | The Best Way!

Small Woodworking Projects to Make Money

Knowing how to make beautiful, hand-crafted wood materials and selling them is a creative and rewarding way of making some cash. It can make a huge difference in your financial situation. Doing things you enjoy most and also get rewarded for that! What else could be better than this?

You can even make a full time living by bringing out your products in the market. All you have to do is firstly reach the minimum standard of product quality then learning how to do effective marketing and how to sell your products online.

But most often we tend to get confused when it comes to starting. Some common questions like; will people like my products? How will I advertise my products? What kind of product I should make?

I’m here to help you in finding out the most important one among those which is helping you to find out some popular Small Woodworking Projects to Make Money. So, let’s dive in.

Top 10 Small Woodworking Projects to Make Money

Below are the different types of projects I’ll cover over here. So give these a read and see if the idea seems best to you.

Wooden Toys

Wooden toys can beat the test of time. Wooden toys last for generations without losing its attractiveness. They look fantastic in children’s bedrooms and nurseries. They are quite cheap so finding a large number of customers won’t be an issue.

Some of the most popular wooden toys on the market are animals, cars, trains, planes, doll sets, construction, and building toys, etc. Nothing beats the joy of children when they receive this sort of toy from you. That’s what makes these products stand out from the crowd.

Picture Frames

A timeless product available on the market is a wooden photo frame. Making wooden photo frames won’t require much hard work, production cost, and time but they are quite popular out there. That’s the best thing about it.
Besides, wooden picture frames tend to last longer and they can be painted in various colors. However, in gift shops, they are a bit overpriced so here lays a great opportunity for you.

You can attain a great value for your products if you can sell them online or in a flea market within a range of an affordable price. People will soon start recognizing you and its a matter of time to get a call from shops in your area who would want you to be their regular suppliers.

Wooden Storage Bed

“I’ve always loathed the necessity of sleep. Like death, it puts even the most powerful men on their backs”. If you have watched The House of Cards you must have heard this quote from Frank Underwood. Just kidding! Literally, at the end of a happy day or a hectic day, we all need a bed. It’s sort of like our safe haven.

But imagine having a little more storage space included in it! Smells like comfort right? It’s a great solution to space problems. I meant not the space problems you know. Wooden storage beds have a large number of customers on the market because it offers multiple solutions and it’s cheap.

Knife Blocks

When you have multiple collections of a knife in your kitchen it’s hard to find the right one when you need it. To terminate that problem out of your life having a knife block is your best solution. If you go to the marketplace and look for knife blocks you will find them a bit pricy.

Why wasting money on those fancy knife blocks when you can just get a beautiful looking and long-lasting wooden knife block at an affordable price. They also work as an amazing gift. For this reason, a wooden knife block has been able to attract a great number of customers for centuries.

Plant Boxes

Wood is an amazing material for making sturdy and eye-catching plant boxes, which can add some extra allurement in your terraces, gardens, and patios. The plant box making process is really easy and most notably production cost is way lower than its market price.

An amazing thing about the plant box is you can make them in different shapes and sizes. Again that solves a lot of space problems of the customers. So, indeed it has a great demand out there.

Box Shelves

Not only box shelves look charming but also they are easy to build. Box shelves are inexpensive, useful, and highly versatile. It offers high style and super simple construction.

Whatever object you will put there will appear livelier. They can be a great addition in your guest room to display your plants, showpieces, and books. Also in your shop product display can offer more beauty to the customers. So, certainly, it’s an easy and profitable project.

Jewelry Box

A Jewelry box can be an enticing gift for a beautiful lady in your life who will admire your choice for many years to come. To be honest, I’m just addicted to building jewelry boxes. The making process is extremely playful and joyous. It requires a bit of thinking and time but in the end, it’s absolutely worth it.

It makes a tremendous gift for wife, girlfriend, or daughter. Here’s the most amazing fact is that you won’t have to bother the age of the person you are going to give it as a gift. It will do very good for selling online.

Event and Season Sign

This is certainly an amazing and interesting idea. The build process is pretty simple and your will imagination will surely enjoy the joyride. A birthday and a wedding sign will attract a lot of customers for sure. And if you choose to go for holiday signs they would also do pretty well especially customers who will do advance payments.

If you are a beginner then this one is the perfect choice to start with. This building process is plain and smooth so it won’t cost much of your time and labor. I would suggest you take some pictures of your products and display them online. You are will surely get a lot of attention there.

Pet Homes

Every pet owners love and care for his pets. You would become surprised when you will get to know how much money some people are willing to pay you to have products that will keep their pets safe and comfortable. Pets tend to get treated like their owner’s children after all.

Other companies will definitely approach you if you can produce good quality pet homes. That will bring you a great deal of money. I would recommend you to try taking your products in pet stores, farms, and trade shows. You should start trying out your local areas first.

Wine Bottle Holders

This product will surely sell like crazy online. There are a lot of people out there who are looking for materials that will give their home an ancient vibe. And wine bottle holder is one of the most demanding out of them.

Having a wine bottle holder in your kitchen will extend the beauty of it greatly. When guests will wind up there one word that most likely to come out of their mouth first are “WOAW”. Hearing such admiration from guests feels great, right? After all, it is an amazing product to have and values a good deal of cash on the market.

Final Words

I have tried my level best to have a good and clear idea to get you to figure out some amazing products to sell on the market. I do hope and believe that I was able to push your creative thinking a bit further ahead.
Besides selecting your products to sell you should also do some research on how to get customers online and provide them with the best service possible.

When you will be able to select the right products to sell and market them well out there for sure your business will start growing like wild grasses. I wish you the best for you. May the force be with you. Goodbye for now!