Best Ryobi Plunge Router Review

Best Ryobi Plunge Router Review In 2022 | Expert Guide

Best Ryobi Plunge Router Review

When an artist paints, he plans what he will paint beforehand. Well, some artists paint as they go because they like to put their instant thoughts on the canvass. While artists can do with or without painting ideas, they cannot complete their tasks without the right paints and brushes.

Best Ryobi Plunge Router is one of the best routers in this work. I try my best for you to write Ryobi Plunge Router Review. I hope it helps you buy this product.


No matter how good the idea is, without the right equipment the picture painted will never be satisfactory. Similarly, when you are working with wood- you have to be even more careful. With paints, you can find your way out at times when things go wrong. But, with wood- once it’s cut it is cut and there is rarely any way back.

Best Ryobi Plunge Router

Top 10 Advantages Ryobi Plunge Router

  • Ryobi Plunge Router Easy to understand and use features.
  • Ryobi Plunge Router Affordable Price
  • Ryobi Plunge Router It features quite a powerful motor.
  • Ryobi Plunge Router Very easy to assemble.
  • Its lightweight and small footprint make it very easy to move around and also use.
  • The ergonomically designed handles along with their softness and grips make using this unit very comfortable.
  • The speed adjustability is a much-needed feature along with the ease of adjustability.
  • The depth adjustment feature along with its micro-precision and ease of use is also another great feature to keep in mind.
  • It has locks to keep things safe and also in place.
  • The two types of collets make the unit very versatile as you can use it with an adapter easily.

So, you have to be careful with the tools you choose for woodworking. One of the most important tools in the woodworking world is a router. You pretty much ‘need’ it for every project. Luckily, they are not the most expensive.

With so many options available you may be finding it difficult to choose one. Well, actually, there is a lot to consider starting from your own needs to the router’s capabilities. But, let us try and make it easier for you with this amazing router. Our Ryobi Plunge Router will tell you everything there is to know about it including what you get from it.

So, you can decide if it is actually what you need or do something more or less.

Ryobi Plunge Router Review: The Features


So, what makes the Ryobi plunge router worth purchasing? More importantly, what makes it not so worth purchasing? Is it something you want and can keep up with? Let’s find out by learning its features!

1. A Plunge Router. 

There are two kinds of routers and a plunge router is one of them. Apparently, the other one is a fixed router. The fixed router lets you set a fixed height and stays fixed that way. On the other hand, a plunge router lets you set it at different height but also does not remain fixed. So, you get the flexibility to move and use it just the way you like. It has its own advantages.

However, the problem with his Ryobi plunge router may be that it is not very suitable for a router table. You know how much stability a router table can provide for your work. Apparently, you may not be able to enjoy such luxury with this plunge router.

2. A quite powerful motor. 

This is what makes a router useful- its motor. You will definitely find more powerful routers than this Ryobi router. However, it is perfect for smaller jobs if you need them. Apparently, the router has a motor of 2 horsepower. It runs on 10 amps.

So, you actually save a lot of electricity costs when using it. Furthermore, most customers mentioned that the power is ample for the jobs. So, you won’t be left dissatisfied with this unit at all.

3. A Soft Start. 

This is actually a feature most routers now include. In fact, it is more of a feature out of care. Routers are quite powerful and dangerous. No one wants them falling out of hands or anything that can cause accidents.

Therefore, you can consider the soft-start a safety feature. It helps the motor to start without much noise or a startle that could make the user jump. It’s quite a thoughtful feature.

4. The Variable Speeds. 

You will be working on different kinds of wood when you are at it. In fact, a router is bought to use for years so you never know which wood you will be fascinated with in the future. If you know woodworking then you know that the different kinds of wood are better cut at different kinds of speeds that are meant for them.

So, you should always look for a router with variable speed and the Ryobi router comes with variable speed. In fact, this speed is quite easy to control as well. The speed is controlled electrically so you will just have to push knobs or press buttons for it.

Therefore, the Ryobi unit actually offers a lot of versatility through its variable speed- you can deal with any kind of wood you want. In fact, this plunge router can handle speeds from 15,000 RPM to 25,000 RPM.

5. The Various Depths- Micro to be exact. 

Another important feature you will find in routers is depth adjustment features. Well, even when there were no routers and only hand-made tools- people who worked with wood had to adjust the depth with the pressure from their hands. Now, fortunately, the process has gotten much easier.

Ryobi router comes with an Accustom micro depth adjustment feature. It lets you adjust the depth quite precisely. Furthermore, it is very easy to set and that is really the specialty of power tools- they make every single aspect of work way easier.

But, there is one slight problem that may occur. Apparently, you can lock the whole router in place both when in use at a certain depth and also when it is not in use. With time the locking mechanism tends to get a bit loose. So, that can be a problem with safety, accuracy, etc. Often depending on the locking mechanism.

You can fix this issue quite easily by tightening the screws. While it gets fixed in most cases, it still can be a pain. Apparently, this lock is actually a spindle lock and the package comes with a wrench so you can deal with it easily.

6. Ergonomically Designed Handles. 

When you are working with passion and also working very hard- you need all the support you can get. In fact, woodworking is no piece of the cake- it is difficult and tiring. You are using both your brain and your hands.

It is your hands that are in contact with the tool and you need to feel comfortable using it. Therefore, the handle plays a huge role. You want it to have a shape that will perfectly fit in your hand. Furthermore, you want it to be soft so that it does not cause an ache in your hand when you use it for too long.

Lastly, you need another important thing- a grip. You need to have proper and full control over the router to be flawless in your work. In order to have that, you need a router that provides you with a really good grip. Needless to say, the ergonomically designed handles of the Ryobi plunged router will provide you with all.

It has a shape, texture, and feels that will keep you comfortable for hours.

7. The Collets. 

The router is compatible with both 1/2-inch and 1/4-inch collets. This is actually one of the best things about the router among all its features. The reason is that it makes the router more versatile.

The adapter can take it both so you do not have to worry much about the compatibility of the router.

8. The Design.

You will actually get quite surprised with this router. In fact, it is quite small as you look at it. It does not weigh much either. As a result, you will find it best suited for situations where you need to work on narrow wood. It can reach all the areas quite precisely and do a great job on it. In fact, it weighs only 8.5 pounds.

Other than that, the router is made of the best quality materials available out there. However, there was one complaint about the base falling off. In actuality, there are always a few defective products among many. One cannot really speak about the whole product batch badly for that one defect.

So, when you receive the product, check the quality and each of its parts carefully. Make sure that you haven’t received a product that is defective.

9. What’s in the package?

Ryobi does not really include much in the package. In fact, you only get the basic stuff that is necessary. Firstly, there is the router unit itself with the motor in it. Then, you get the collets and the wrench to help with the assembly process. With it all, you get a 6 feet cord that will help you operate the unit.

So, you see, it does not include much but only the necessary.

10. The Price. 

This is actually what makes the whole Ryobi plunge router unit worth everything. Even if you face a base falling off in the long run, it won’t be so bad because apparently, this plunge router is very budget-friendly.

It is something great for beginners because beginners usually do not want to spend so much on tools. Furthermore, it is easy to assemble and very easy to operate as well. With this affordable plunge router, you may end up creating things worth hundreds and thousands. So, if you ask us, even the quality is great for the price this unit comes at.


  • It features quite a powerful motor.
  • It does not consume a lot of electrical energy.
  • Very easy to assemble.
  • Its lightweight and small footprint make it very easy to move around and also use.
  • The ergonomically designed handles along with their softness and grips make using this unit very comfortable.
  • The speed adjustability is a much-needed feature along with the ease of adjustability.
  • The depth adjustment feature along with its micro-precision and ease of use is also another great feature to keep in mind.
  • The unit does not make much noise- not when starting nor when it is on.
  • It has locks to keep things safe and also in place.
  • The two types of collets make the unit very versatile as you can use it with an adapter easily.
  • The budget-friendly unit does not fall back on quality or performance either.


  • As a plunge router, this unit does not do well with router tables which could be quite helpful.
  • The base has fallen off in one case.
  • If you receive defected product then the motor may not work at times the way everyone expects it to.
  • Customer service can be quite inefficient.
  • It does not have a dust collector.
  • It comes with only the basic requirements.


Ryobi Plunge Router Review: Frequently Asked Questions

Can you really not use it with a router table?

If you make adjustments to the router table, you sometimes can. However, it is quite small for one and the performance will definitely not be the best.

Does it include bits or a case in the package?

No, it may not include bits or a case with it. It usually arrives in a bag.

Can you attach a guide bushing unit with this router?

Apparently, yes, you can. However, you will have to find a compatible guide bushing unit for it. Once you do, it’s all good.

What is the size of the screws at the base?

Well, you will probably need 5/16-inch screws for the base.

Final Notes

There are many pros and cons to this Ryobi plunge Router. However, most routers out there will have similar shortcomings and giving. You will have to choose which kind of shortcomings you are alright with and the good that you just cannot do without.

This unit is actually great for beginners because they actually have nothing to lose by buying it. It does not cost much and is super easy to use as well. Even if it stops working- which it is not supposed to anyway, you do not even lose much.

When you receive a good product, it is very efficient in what it does and also quite clear. So, now, it is up to you to decide if this unit fulfills your wishes. The budget-friendly nature along with the great quality that is meant to last are key selling points. Furthermore, if you want something for smaller but frequent jobs, this simply is the one.