What Are The Best Parallel Clamps in 2021? (Reviews, Types, Factors & Buying Guide)

Top 10 Best Parallel Clamps Reviews

Last Updated on January16, 2021

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Jorgensen Cabinet Master 24-inch 90° Parallel Jaw...
JET 70431-2, 31-Inch Parallel Clamps (2-Pack)
Bora 40" Parallel Clamp, Woodworking Clamp with...
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15.4 pounds
14.97 pounds
7.39 pounds
Top Overall Pick
Jorgensen Cabinet Master 24-inch 90° Parallel Jaw...
Item Weight
15.4 pounds
Premium Choice
JET 70431-2, 31-Inch Parallel Clamps (2-Pack)
Item Weight
14.97 pounds
Best Value
Bora 40" Parallel Clamp, Woodworking Clamp with...
Item Weight
7.39 pounds

You might be very attached to your woodworking job, but is your clamp attached to your project the same way?

If your answer is NO! Then we welcome you to this useful write-up. Here you will get all the answers to your “if I should need this tool” or “why should I need it”.

A solid best parallel clamp is a must-have because it promises to do its clamping job for longer than its expectation. And, that’s why we compiled 6 of the best parallel clamps.

The tools have not only been positively reviewed by their users but also been loved by them. So, without blabbering much, let’s start the review!

What is a Parallel Clamp?

Woodworkers wish for stable parallel jaw clamps similar to toddler years for a new toy car. These come with steel-reinforced and resin-covered jaws three to four inches in depth. They line up tightly parallel to each other with their beefy steel bars.

The heavy-duty handles and screws provide enough camping strength. They have gained a considerable reputation among hobbyists for high performances and prices.

Parallel clamps are an essential tool in a woodworking workshop. They have a very critical use as they hold and grip objects that would have difficulty grasping otherwise. These clamps do not slip away or break when they are fragile.

best parallel bar clamps

These clamps are intended to help you finish work a lot quicker and faster. These also perform the essential function of holding the objects in place to provide steady support. They are also used in welding because the heat does not destroy the clamps.


Pipe clamps are a low-cost and versatile option for gluing projects. However, they will move about if they are not placed correctly. Parallel clamps do not move so quickly and do not carry the same issue. They are a lot expensive too.

Besides being inexpensive, pipe clamps can be used for their wide range of clamping capacities. They can help you replace your pipe with a longer and shorter one. They can even help you extend it. When it comes to a parallel clamp, you cannot adjust the length.

Pipe clamps also work with cauls. They produce an even amount of pressure. One type of cauls extends the pipe clamp jaw while the curved is used to distribute the pressure of two clamps.

best parallel clamps

Pipe clamps also allow higher clamping pressure. A usual parallel clap reaches 370 pounds of pressure. The ¾” pipe clamp reaches 1,050 pounds, and the beam clamp can reach 1,350 pounds. You can also reverse the pipe clamp to expand the pipe tap for the first time.


Screw clamps have been around for centuries. These consist of two opposite-facing screws that project into wooden jaws. These jaws will open and close with the way the screws are located. You can use handles to turn them quickly.

You can use these to clamp the surfaces that are not parallel. Since the clamp jaws are wood, they will not damage the wooden workpiece.

Parallel clamps are helpful for large glue-up jobs. They come in different sizes, which depends on the size of the wood you are working on. These bars are parallel to each other, as the name suggests, at the 90 degrees angle at the bar.

These clamps are used for square assemblies. Keep the bars perpendicular when you are making boxes using the parallel clamp. These can be done using an assembly square which is a right-angle clamping jig.

How To Use A Parallel Jaw Clamp?

  • Spot the clamps, so they do not cross slide when you are framing the surface.
  • Framing blocks are beneficial when you have to clamp objects like a picture frame or a box. You will need more than just two sides for clamping boards.
  • Set the blocks as you need them.
  • Set one of the clamps in the deep slots that go all the way around.
  • Place the clamp flush on the table.
  • Cross the clamps going on the other set and place the clamp flush on top of the thinning locks.
  • You will have to apply pressure from both sides of the clamps.
  • The square and clamps set are instantaneously set once you know where to place the components.
  • A cross tick framing the blocks can be installed using the bench clamps.

Our Favorite Parallel Clamps on the Market [2021]

Preview Product
Jorgensen Cabinet Master 24-inch 90° Parallel Jaw...
Bessey KR3.524 24-Inch K Body REVO Fixed Jaw...
Yost K5024 24 Inch Parallel Clamp
Bora 40" Parallel Clamp, Woodworking Clamp with...
Yost K5024 24 Inch Parallel Clamp
POWERTEC 71368 Woodworking Parallel Clamps 24-Inch...
Dewalt DWHT83186 24 in. Extra Large Trigger Clamp

Best Parallel Clamps

We have listed the Best Parallel Clamps above but if you want to know details of each product; please scroll below and explore them.

1. Jorgensen 123ABC Cabinet Master 24-inch

Jorgensen Cabinet Master 24-inch 90° Parallel...

You will find Jorgensen parallel clamps 123ABC perfect for different projects making it one of the best parallel clamps in the market. Be it for panel door, frame, cabinet, box, flat-panel assemblies, or any projects, it does its job amazingly that requires even applied pressure or squaring.

Its jaw has also been praised for its design. With this clamp, you can clip different materials together such as light metal, plastic, composite, wood. Moreover, the 24-inch tool also provides you with other jobs like general clamping, glue-ups of material as well as 90-degree clamping.

123ABC is able to offer optimum pressure distribution, thanks to its deep 3-3/4 inch jaw depth. Speaking more of the jaws, they come in large and have been steel reinforced to make sure it distributes pressure on bigger areas properly. The jaws are able to stay parallel so they can prevent work-piece from lifting or bowing while warranting square-ness.

It also comes equipped with a secure locking system so that it can keep the jaws from slipping. Besides, the clamp features rapid action movement to ensure quick opening and closing of the jaw.

Furthermore, the handles will be very soft because of coming in 2-component molded material. They offer a firm and comfortable grip for good pressure. Plus, they also release and glide movable jaw to the desired point away from steel rail with ease.

The best part is that you will have a built-in woodworking parallel clamps stand that will let the tool stand upright so you can utilize it one-handed. It will also provide you with easy and quick sliding head adjustment.

Talking about the sliding head, you can reverse it on the bar because of its reverse movable jaw function. Hence, the woodworking parallel clamps can be used as a spreader as well.

There is only one complaint that has been found among the users, and that is its big size. So, it can be a bit tough to move with ease.


  • Can be used single-handedly.
  • Firm and comfortable grip.
  • Secure locking system.
  • Using as a spreader.


  • The big size makes it a bit unwieldy.
Jorgensen Cabinet Master 24-inch 90° Parallel Jaw...
  • Tips: The jaws are not parallel when opened, they are preset by an...
  • Perfect Parallel jaw design for, 90-Degree clamping of materials,...
  • Deep 3-3/4 inch jaw depth for optimized pressure distribution. Secure...

2. Bessey 50-Inch K Body REVO KR3.550

Bessey KR3.540 40-inch K Body REVO Fixed Jaw...

KR3.550 is another one of the best parallel clamps for its perfect parallel jaw design. With TK-6 clamps, you can attach different types of materials together such as wood, mixed, light metal, plastic, and composite. Its jaw is also stated to be great for material glue-ups and 90-degree material clamping.

Moreover, KR3.550 has an optimum level clamping power that is evident with 1,500lbs force. Hence, it is also to hold the materials for a longer time. Not only that, but the clamp also features a super soft handle that offers a firm and comfy grip while being made of 2-component molded material.

50-Inch K Body REVO also comes with 3-3/4-Inch throat depth that helps accommodate bigger work-piece so you can widen your operations.

Plus, the brand has designed the clamp with 3 removable jaws pads so they can protect the surfaces of the material. There will also be 2 rail pads that will keep clamped materials from touching the rail surface. If you want, you can also snap the rail pads off when not needed.

As for the rail, it comes in cold-drawn steel alloy with 6 serrate edges to provide you with nonslip and secure clamping. Plus, it features adjustable contact elements that prevent direct contact.

The clamp also offers rapid action jaw movement to ensure quick opening and closing function. Plus, you can use it as a spreader since its sliding head can be reversed, thanks to the reverse movable jaw. However, there are some plastic parts that seemed flimsy as per the users. So, this can be a small con for you.


  • Optimum level clamping power.
  • Super soft handle with a firm grip.
  • Pads offer great protection.
  • Delivers nonslip and secure clamping.
  • Rapid action jaw movement.


  • Plastic parts seem flimsy.
Bessey KR3.540 40-inch K Body REVO Fixed Jaw...
  • Perfect Parallel jaw design for, 90-degree clamping of materials,...
  • 3-3/4-inch throat depth with 3 removeable jaws pads designed to...
  • 1,500-pound clamping force, with ergonomic designed 2 component molded...

3. Jet 70431-2 31-Inch Parallel Clamp

JET 70431-2, 31-Inch Parallel Clamps (2-Pack)

If you want a clamp that can make a tough job seem easy, then 70431-2 is a great tool. The 31-inch clamp comes well-constructed with deeper throats and a wider jaw that will add productivity to your woodwork. The clamp features a Slide-Glide trigger that locks the jaws to the place with ease to provide you with smooth movement.

Moreover, you will get a groundbreaking Precision-Rule Measurement System that offers accurate readings on your openings and consistent setups. Besides, the woodworking parallel clamps comprise movable rail stands that help in adding precision and convenience to both clamping and spreading applications.

You will also be provided with Soft Sumo Grip handles so you can hold the clamp comfortably and easily. They will also deliver added torque for your productivity. Talking more about the factor, each Acme-threaded handle will also turn easily even when you apply continuous pressure.

The big plus is that the clamp can hold up to 1,000lbs. the pressure that should be owned by the best parallel clamps. So, optimum clamping power has been ensured as well. With superior I-beam construction, the clamps promise to last long, except for the slider bracket that can break apart.

However, the clamp is able to prevent corrosion as well, thank to its fully plated rigid backbone. Additionally, it also prevents wear and tear because of the non-marring composite resin material used in the jaw face. You can also use the clamp as a spreader since it has a reversible jaw function for the job.

The clamp also comes with a moveable rail stand that helps make it stand upright. And there will be an end stop as well that will offer preset clamping capacity precisely and quickly.


  • Offers a consistent setup.
  • The adjustment will be quick.
  • Soft SumoGrip handles offer a comfortable grip.
  • Clamping power is great.
  • Non-marring composite resin offers protection.


  • The slider bracket has been found to be flimsy.
JET 70431-2, 31-Inch Parallel Clamps (2-Pack)
  • The precision rule measurement system provides a consistent setup and...
  • Jet's exclusive slide-glide trigger makes precise adjustments rapidly
  • The ergonomic SUMOGRIP handle integrated with soft grip for added...

4. Yost K5024 24 Inch Parallel Clamp

Yost K5024 24 Inch Parallel Clamp

Ease of use with decent clamping power is what Yost has to offer with its 24-inch K5024 clamp. The body has been made of aluminum material to offer amazing clamping force up to 880lbs. Albeit a tad slower than the others, but it is able to impress you with heavy-duty performance without adding weight.

The clamp features an acme threaded screw that serves the benefits of consistent and even pressure. The jaw faces measure 1.75 inches by 4 inches and comes in plastic that will help in protecting your project. They will be easy to clean. But, some users griped about the plastic material is a bit flimsy.

However, its I beam the main bar has been constructed with steel to offer added clamping strength. The 2 support tabs will help in elevating your project off of the clamp rail.

Moreover, the best parallel clamp makes sure it sits parallel thanks to the end rail clip on the best parallel bar clamps that comes parallel to the tool. The big plus is that you can remove this clip easily and quickly. Not only that, but the clamp is also able to be revered because of the reverse movable jaw. So, you can use it as a spreader as well.

The handle has been designed oversize. So, you will be provided with added clamping. Plus, you will also love the comfortable grip that the handle offers.


  • The main handle will offer a comfortable grip.
  • The main bar will be heavy-duty.
  • Acme threaded screw delivers consistent and even pressure.
  • Materials provide you with added clamping strength.
  • Offers easy and quick clip removal.


  • Some plastic parts may come in low quality.
Yost K5024 24 Inch Parallel Clamp
  • Heavy duty aluminum jaw assemblies
  • 880 lbs. Clamping force
  • Can be Reversed and used as a spreader

5. IRWIN Clamp, 2026501 Parallel Jaw Box

IRWIN Clamp, Parallel Jaw Box, 48-Inch (2026501)

IRIN promises nothing but the optimum distribution of pressure with this another one of the best parallel clamps, 2026501. With 48 inches in size, the clamp is able to hold the materials up to 1,150lbs making it powerful enough to be the best. Thus, the clamping force has been ensured.

Moreover, the clamp is able to hold materials up to 3 inches thick at a 90-degree angle. So you can guess how powerful it will be.

Not only that, its body has been made of resin as well as the jaw so that it can prevent marring as well as resist glue adhesion. The material will also be durable enough to perform a clamping job for a long. However, some plastic parts were claimed to be of low quality by users, but they loved the clamp’s performance.

It also comes with jaw depth that will be 3-3/4 inches deep to provide you with the optimum distribution of pressure.

Not only that, but you will also love to have a secure locking system. This feature comes in very handy to keep the jaws from slipping. As a result, it will allow for firmer and comfortable use without any accidents.

The Pro Touch handle is another great feature that lets you hold the clamp with an ergonomic grip.

Although it will be quite heavy, you will need that to hold the stuff together with solid power. The clamps will do the job as tight as you want with minimal flexing making it a great pick.


  • Delivers powerful clamping forces.
  • Pressure distribution is optimized.
  • It does the job of preventing damage and resisting glue adhesion greatly.
  • Handles offer ergonomic grip.
  • A secure locking system prevents jaw slippage.


  • Some plastic parts have been found to be flimsy.
IRWIN Clamp, Parallel Jaw Box, 48-Inch (2026501)
  • This 48" Parallel Jaw clamp features deep 3-3/4" jaw depth for...
  • Secure locking system prevents jaws from slipping
  • ProTouch handle for an ergonomic grip

6. Bora 571140 Parallel Clamp 40″

Bora 40" Parallel Clamp, Woodworking Clamp with...

Seems like Bora believes more in ‘strong and steady to win the race’. Because this is what you feel about this great 571140 Parallel Clamp.

It comes in 40 inches while the padded jaw will be 3.5 inches wide to offer constant and even pressure. It will also work not to damage the material and keep the jaw in place while you wind the clamp.

Not too loose, not too tight. This is what they boast about the clamp that can hold the materials together up to 1,100lbs. So, you can rely on its consistent and stable pressure.

The brand has also equipped the clamp with a passive lockjaw. It has been mindfully engineered so it can make the jaw stay in place while you wind. So, it will make sure the jaw does not move unless you adjust it manually.

You will also love its easy-grip handle that is big but easy to lift and maneuver. It helps release the jaw so it can slide along with the bar. So, it lets you work quickly and you can clip the material right away.

However, there is just one problem with the clamp and that is the bars do not come parallel. But that is fixable since you can make the bars parallel with some fine-tuning.


  • Jaw comes padded to offer protection and constant pressure.
  • The handle will be easy to grip and easy to lift.
  • Nonslip bottom jaw helps keep the jaw in place.
  • Offers powerful clamping force.
  • Passive lockjaw makes sure the jaw does not move until adjusted manually.


  • The bars need some adjustments since they don’t come parallel.
Bora 40" Parallel Clamp, Woodworking Clamp with...
  • Strong and steady – the 3. 5-Inch wide padded jaw provides constant,...
  • Perfect pressure - not too loose, not too tight, just right with 1,...
  • Multiple sizes - The Bora parallel jaw Clamp is right for any project,...

7. Yost K5012 12 Inch Parallel Clamp

Yost K5024 24 Inch Parallel Clamp

The Yost K5012 parallel clamp has been designed to be easier to use. The heavy-weighted aluminum structure provides a strong clamping force. This clamp is famous for its handy qualities. For a beginner, this tool will be useful.

It offers 800 lbs. clamping strength and can be purchased at a reasonable cost. This tool is a fantastic tool to be used by individuals rather than a company. The clamping power that it offers is better for DIY projects.

Key Features

  • It includes heavily weighted jaw assemblies.
  • This tool offers an 800 lbs. clamping strength.
  • The Yoast parallel clamp can be used as a spreader too.
  • It offers a 1.75” x 4” jaw distance that is much better than other clamps.
  • This includes a big, comfortable grip handle that is useful for extra clamping.
  • It has been assembled in the USA.


  • It is easier to handle.
  • This tool offers a considerable jaw distance.
  • Its grip handle is comfortable.
  • The brand is quite reputed.
  • This brand offers excellent customer service.


  • It can’t be used for long-term assignments.
  • This tool can only be used by individuals or by people who are doing DIY projects.
Yost K5024 24 Inch Parallel Clamp
  • Heavy duty aluminum jaw assemblies
  • 880 lbs. Clamping force
  • Can be Reversed and used as a spreader

8. POWERTEC 71368 Woodworking Parallel Clamps

POWERTEC 71368 Woodworking Parallel Clamps...

The  Power Tech parallel clamps have been engineered to offer maximum clamping power at a right angle. This tool can be used for many carpentry tasks, and woodworking uses. These are ideal for someone requiring clamping of wood for general purpose, gluing up panels or tables, and other materials.

Key Features

  • These parallel jaws use 3-3/4” throat distance for maximum pressure distribution.
  • It has a clamping power of 880 lbs. that makes your woodworking and other tasks more manageable.
  • The clamp features a soft gripping handle.
  • It comprises a cold steel rail.
  • The three-jaw pads it comprises of do not spoil rapid action movement.
  • The clamp offers a high accuracy clamping at a right angle.
  • This tool has a firm grip due to its outstanding qualities.


  • It has a handy design.
  • It comprises deep clamp jaws.
  • The cost of this tool is reasonable.
  • Exerts a strong clamping force.
  • It adjusts flexibly.
  • It includes a durable structure.


  • It has shorter bars.
  • It can be used for little work.
POWERTEC 71368 Woodworking Parallel Clamps 24-Inch...
  • Includes: (two) piece 24-inch parallel jaw Clamp set
  • Application: using a deep 3-3/4” throat depth for optimized pressure...
  • Premium design: Each clamp features an ergonomic soft grip handle,...

9. Dewalt DWHT83186 24 in. Extra Large Trigger Clamp

Dewalt DWHT83186 24 in. Extra Large Trigger Clamp

The Dewalt parallel clamp includes a 24 inches long metal bar capable of clamping with a force of 1500 lbs. The depth of the throat is 3-3/4 inches. Its structure is consistent and gives an even pressure on the workpiece. This tool is strongly recommended for individual use or professionals. This clamp’s quality is as high as Dewalt designed, which is the most loved brand by woodworkers.

Key Features

  • It has a clamping force of 600 lbs.
  • The throat depth is 3-3/4 inches.
  • The clamp has a nylon body the steel bars are heat-treated that increases the strength and durability.
  • It has a button that allows the easy conversion of the clamp into a spreader.
  • The removable jaws help to prevent marring.


  • It has a high quality.
  • This clamp is easy to use and has a durable quality.
  • It comes with a lifetime limited warranty.
  • It is strong and powerful, perfect for contractors.


  • It can only be used by individuals and contractors, but not by companies.
Dewalt DWHT83186 24 in. Extra Large Trigger Clamp
  • Genuine, OEM Dewalt Replacement Part
  • Dewalt replacement dewalt 24in xl clamp, part number DWHT83186

Why are parallel clamps so expensive?

Parallel clamps are expensive because they are constructed out of metal. The manufacturers use top-quality material such as steel, iron, or other metals, to provide every woodworker with the toughest clamps possible. The woodworkers also use the clamps for a very long time, so they do not require frequent replacement. Therefore, supply and demand also affect the price.

Parallel clamps are not consumable. Once you purchase a reliable and strong parallel clamp, you would need to buy another unless you need a different kind of clamp. These clamps last a lifetime.

Parallel clamps may be expensive, but they are worth the price. They are helpful when you are attempting to good square fit-ups.  Parallel clamps are also expensive due to the nature of the application. Some do not even ask the price unless it appears on their credit card receipt.

Their rational thoughts are they wanted it because it is a necessity to their work. The nature of demand does not help. Woodworkers will continue to purchase the clamp as it is a one-time investment that will provide significant assistance to their projects.

Buying Guide :

Parallel clamps are essential woodworking tools for professional woodworkers. A smart parallel clamp purchase will be a good investment for wood crafters other than the C and F clamps. It offers excellent safety and security while performing your tasks.

What are parallel clamps?

best parallel clamp

The woodworking parallel clamps provide you with large opening capacities. They are basically used in woodworking where the clamp jaws stay parallel underneath increased loads that result in giving a larger distribution area while preventing dimples in the workpiece.

Perfect for:

  • Woodworking
  • Large opening capacities

Things to consider:

Parallel bars

It is essential to have perfectly parallel bars that can keep your work-pieces secure without damaging them. You will place the piece between the bars and you have to pay attention to this point. When looking for clams, you have to check if the bars are parallel perfectly. The bars can bend sometimes because of shipping or packaging errors, so checking is essential.

Clamping power

Clamps hold no value if they fail to do the jobs they are supposed to do: that’s clamping. If the clamps do not hold things in place for a longer period or even not at all, then it means, the clamping power a crap. So, look for clamps that will have enough power that you want for the projects.

It is expected that a parallel clamp review will come with a clamping power of more than 1000lbs. So, the ones below the range may prove to be problematic.

Also, check the mechanisms that will help in keeping the clamps engaged. There are some manufacturers that offer clamps made of plastic. And this can be a vital factor to understand that the clamps will be a disappointment.

parallel clamp review

Even, if you look for a plastic clamp then make sure you check the reviews. If the clamps have complaints about getting snapped, then it’s a sign that they will fail to live up to their clamping power.


As we have already mentioned, that material plays an essential role when it comes to clamping power. While plastic may disappoint you in this case, other materials will be there to provide you with great performance.

There are cast iron and steel parallel clamps that will be very solid and long-lasting. Plus, you will also find them having enough strength to withstand the very high pressure required to keep heavy and large planks in position.

You will also require solid parallel clamps for support. In this case, you can think of having aluminum clamps that offer both durability and heavy use. Albeit, such clamps will be pretty pricey but they will be worth buying.

Plastic ones can be ideal for light use, but surely not for heavy-duty projects.


It’s normal to want your clamps to be large in size so you can use them for your projects for a longer time. But here’s the thing, too large clamps will not bring convenience but trouble. The larger-sized clamps are likely to be unwieldy. And this can make it even tougher to maneuver the clamps into the appropriate positions on awkward or smaller projects.

However, this is not very true for all the cases. But you have to ensure that majority of the projects go well with the clamp size you will work with.

Moreover, you will find 2 different measurements when it comes to the clamps. The throat depth and the normal opening.

The throat depth covers the distance to the outside of the clamps from the rail. Do check if the throat depth is sufficient for the projects that you will work on when picking such size.

Meanwhile, the nominal opening refers to the distance between 2 gripping surfaces over the clamp. You should know that you won’t be able to use anything taller than that of the nominal opening.

Jaw design

The design of the jaw is another essential factor to think through. The jaw will help hold your workpiece and ensure safety. So, it has to be enough robust to hold stuff even while applying pressure.

Moreover, the jaw should also be soft and flexible as well so that you can do the job easily without damaging the workpiece.


The spreader comes very handy when you think of spreading your projects rather than squeezing them. As a result, you have to make sure to have the best parallel bar clamps that will come with a spreader function. It will definitely provide you with added convenience.


Make sure to grab the clamps that come with soft rubber pads below the foot. Such features will help in ensuring nonslip clamping and stability.


The clamp handle has to be enough free so you can maneuver it to enjoy a quick clamping experience. Also, make sure that the grip is soft on the handles since it will provide you with comfort.

Mainly, the handle comes in different materials such as metal, plastic, and wood.


One sad thing about the clamps is that the brand offers maneuverability at cost of power. You may have this doubt on a lighter clamp and think that it has been made with inferior materials. And hence, it is expected to lower the maximum power. That’s the reason why you should look for clamps that will be high quality, low cost, and offer maneuverability as well.


Clamps are likely to have a tendency to stretch and damage the surface of the workpiece when they are used to hold it in place. Make sure that you don’t get a bare-metal clamp since it will be a risk to face damages. However, even with a rubber-coated protective pad, it is still possible to damage the surface of the piece. But, such coatings will at least provide the clamps with a degree of forgiveness. Hence, the occurrence of such accidents will be reduced at a greater rate.

Not only that, but it is also essential to look for protection since you will not always see the damage unless you unclamp the tools. So, it will prevent damages in the first place.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Benefits of Having Clamps

Clamping can help hold work securely in place temporarily till it dries or sticks together. They have applications in many industries such as woodworking, furniture making, welding, metal works, and carpentry. Mainly clamps help hold the thing together or keep it steady. For example – c-clamps keep two pieces steady till they dry.

A bar clamp helps to stick two pieces of wood together or hold its place till the glue dries. On the other hand screw clamps are mostly for metal works, and it also keeps small pieces in one place till you are done welding.

What Should You Look For In The Best Parallel Clamps?

Parallel clamps are small tools, but they help to stick two pieces together. These tools need to be robust, precious, and reliable as they can make or break your project after welding or applying glue.

That is why getting the getting parallel clamps that you can get is necessary, and here is what you should look for before buying –

•Length – The length of the clamps should be enough to reach the entire length of your project. That is why it the first aspect that you should consider when buying a parallel clamp. Moreover, the size of the project will determine the length of the clamps.

•Surface protection – The clamps will be holding the pieces together till the stick so, it will take some time, and the clamps will be there for few hours.

Moreover, these clamps can exert over 1000 pounds of pressure that can potentially damage your project’s surface. However, most clamps come with surface protection to avoid such incidents.

• Strength – it is essential as the clamps will hold the pieces so that there is no air bubble or gaps. The clamps need to hold your projects in place firmly. If they are not strong enough, it will cause the pieces to move, thus hampering your project quality.

• Price point – The final thing to consider is the price of the device. However, these are all essential tools and perform the same function, but the quality will impact the price. Moreover, if you find a clamp with additional features that benefit your work at a lesser price, go for that device.

Are parallel clamps useful for welding purposes?

Parallel clamps hold two pieces across the board till they ideally in place and firmly stuck. However, you can also use it while welding, as many people think parallel clamps have applications in woodworking.

You can use it to stick two pieces and weld it quicker than using it for woodworking projects. However, you can also use pipe clamps if your projects require and if you are working with non-parallel panels.

Can parallel clamps be used to glue up non-parallel panels?

When using parallel clamps, we stick two pieces of wood together with till it dries. The primary purpose of these clamps is to hold the pieces flat and even. We stick it together and secure it with clamps to help to stick and also create a nice even surface for your projects. However, gluing up non-parallel panels is tricky as sticking the clamps in the wrong place can disrupt the balance and cause it to break.

But yes, you can use parallel clamps for non-parallel panels. The thing you need to remember when using it is that sticks the clamps where the glue is and has something under to rest the uneven ends.

What instructions should be followed while using bar clamps?

Bar clamps are handy when you have pieces on top of each other. A bar clamp or an F-clamp helps secure a project with the table; otherwise, you can use your working surface to hold the projects securely. Moreover, it creates less movement and also much more stability.

If you are using a bar clamp, first consider the clamps’ material and the project’s material. Then you will have it on the corner so that it is easy to set up the device, and you will have to move the bar clockwise to tighten it and hold it in place.

However, we recommend using scrap wood or metal pieces as a buffer between the workpiece and the clamp. It protects the workpiece and allows the bar clamp to distribute pressure on the project evenly.

Why are parallel clamps so expensive?

A good material will cost more, and that is a fact. Parallel clamps have high-quality metal. Iron or steel increases the durability and longevity of the device. Moreover, when buying something for long-term usage, it should be of good quality and cost you more than buying something of a cheaper quality.

Another thing is the product’s confusability; for example – sandpapers are consumable as you will buy more when there is no more in your workshop. However, it does not work that way for a clamp as a good-quality device will last longer, and you will not have to buy another one.

They are more expensive than regular cheap-quality clamps that most beginners use, but they do not last more than a few months

Wrap up!

It’s okay that you get frustrated by the parallel clamps as they fail at their job. That’s the reason why getting the best parallel clamps becomes essential. It will not only hold the materials with full-on power but also will keep the workpiece safe and undamaged.

After going through several options, these 6best parallel clampshave been found to be impressing their users.

So, if you think your old clamps need to be replaced, then you can find the right one here. We have highlighted both the pros and the cons. It will help you understand why they are the best even with few drawbacks.