Best Kreg Router Table Review | Picked By Experienced Woodworker

Best Kreg Router Table Review

Woodworker always dreams to have something that will help make the shapes and cuts smooth and precise. And this is what a router table does. Starting from getting the job done in lesser time to high-quality service, a router table will do everything to make your life easier.

And if you are looking for a great one, then you can trust blindly the Kreg brand. The brand offers a variety of router tables that will just impress you.

Kreg PRS1045 Precision Router Table System
  • Heavy 12- & 16-gauge steel construction
  • Adjustable in height from 29 to 35 Inches (736mm-889mm)
  • 20 x 28 Inches (508mm-711mm) steel stand footprint

Speaking of the product, this PRS1045 by Kreg has managed to impress everyone with its features and functions. And that’s the reason why we opted for a Kreg router table review .

Here, you will find all the factors about the table with its benefits as well as drawbacks.

But before you start, let’s know what a router table is all about.

Kreg Router Table Review

Top 10 Advantages Best Kreg Router Table

  • Kreg Router Table Perfect for light-duty work.
  • Great for people of different level of expertise
  • Easy to move from one spot to another for the wheels.
  • Kreg Router Table Easy to assemble.
  • Kreg Router Table is very easy to use.
  • Kreg Router Table Wide surface helps make you work with bigger stock pieces.
  • Insert plate mount helps make it compatible with plenty of different routers.
  • Included fence faces make it use the router as a vertical jointer.
  • The combo of T-track and miter can make working with the tabletop flexible and easy.
  • The adjustable stand lets you pick your table height according to your convenience.

Router table:

A router table is a kind of primary serviceable gear piece that you can add to your work site. It is a power tool or hand tool that a woodworker uses for routing an area in a moderately dense material such as wood. The table requires a router to be mounted so the cutter can protrude through a hole at the table surface.


Tabletop surface:

The first reason we thought to have a Kreg router table review is for its tabletop surface. The top measures 24 inches deep and 32 inches wide which is pretty big enough to handle most of the woodwork projects at once.

Moreover, the core has been made of 1-inch MDF which is short for medium-density fiber-board. It is one of the common materials used for industrial router tables. The material does not only make the tabletop cheap but also makes it high-quality. Not only that, but you will also love how the material works to reduce vibrations and noises.

However, you may not want to pick it for heavy-duty jobs, but for light-duty work, it simply is the best.

Moreover, the top has a surface made of high-pressure laminate with a black rubber border and steel-reinforcing struts beneath.


The router table comes with 36 inches T-square fences that help stay parallel to the T-slot and miter and square the fence automatically. It means you will be able to make small adjustments with ease. It is a great trait especially for beginners since it will enable them to use the miter slots to the fullest potential with a variety of accessories.

Not only that, but it will also save them a lot of time because of its adjustability so they can adjust it to their preferred size and work with a variety of lengths and widths.

You will also the solid aluminum material used for the fence that locks securely in place. Plus, it is able to support big stock pieces that is one of its greatest advantages.

To add more, PRS1045 comes with2fully independent fence faces that you can as a vertical joiner as well. So, you will love the versatility of the unit.

The fence further features a micro-adjuster that lets you position the fence the way you want for accurate setups. However, you may not like the quality of the micro-adjuster since it’s plastic and flimsy.

Insert plate with rings:

The tabletop includes a pre-drilled plate that the brand has designed to drill holes with ease. It helps mount the router so you can make use of the table easily. The router also includes three different sized Level-Loc reducing rings with different-sized openings that fit the plate and the table lift. As a result, it will not only create a zero-clearance ring but also let you customize the opening size surrounding the bit.

To add more, you will also get a tool so you can have the privilege to install and remove the rings, which is a great benefit.

The best part is that the base plate comes solid for phenolic material and flat so it can go very well with the router to give you the best results.


You will get a steel stand that is heavy as well as very well-made. The stand has been powder coated so you can feel its durability. It will need to mount to the router table to support the top so you can get to do your woodwork stuff.

The big plus is its adjustability. You can adjust the height from 31 inches to 39 inches according to your convenience. And you can use such perk for other purposes as well.

Not only that, the best part is that the legs have wheels that also can be locked while you work. Moreover, the wheels also make the product portable enough to let you move it from one spot to another. That will be a big convenience for you.

Dust collection port:

Another reason to come with this Kreg router table review is its dust collection port. It features a full-length port that will collect dust such as chips and grains while you are working.

However, some of the users wanted an additional dust collection box under the table around the motor for more convenience. So, this can be a small con.


Another great factor of the Kreg router table is its compatibility. You can fit router of different brands easily since it has been designed that way. In some cases, you may want to drill holes for a perfect fit, but that should not be a concern.

Instruction and assembly:

The router comes with an instruction which is good but not very helpful. Users hated it for its bad illustrations and poorly detailed direction. So, you may need to ask for extra help to do the setup.

However, it will not be very hard to assemble the parts. But that depends on person to person. Beginners may require time while the pros can set it up quickly.

Users felt issues with the plastic screws that they found pretty flimsy during installation. Many complained about how the screws snapped while trying to tighten them.

About the brand:

The story started in 1986, when Craig Somersetted who was a tool and die maker, built his first-ever tool ‘Craig’s jig’ out of pure necessity. It was a single-hole pocket jig constructed with aluminum and steel.

Realizing the potential of the tools, he started the Kreg Tool Company while revolutionizing pocket-hole woodwork.

Several years later, the 21st. century helped bring automation and diversification to the Kreg product line. And the router table was one of them.

Their mission is to get you products to make woodwork less intimidating and to help you build confidence while giving the inspiration to succeed.

They also boast to manufacture products to simplify complex woodwork challenges with their products. They promise to ensure ease of use, affordability, and high quality.


  • Vibrations and noise are reduced greatly because of the MDF tabletop.
  • The tabletop is high quality and well-built.
  • The combo of T-track and miter can make working with the tabletop flexible and easy.
  • The adjustable stand lets you pick your table height according to your convenience.
  • A full-length dust collection port helps collect dust in the chamber as you work.
  • Included fence faces make it use the router as a vertical jointer.
  • Insert plate mount helps make it compatible with plenty of different routers.
  • A wide surface helps make you work with bigger stock pieces.
  • Perfect for light-duty work.
  • Great for people of different levels of expertise.
  • Easy to move from one spot to another for the wheels.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • The plastic micro-adjuster feels flimsy.
  • The screws are plastic and also feel flimsy.
  • The instruction comes with bad illustrations and a poorly detailed guide.
  • It requires an additional dust collection box around the router motor.
  • It May is not very ideal for heavy-duty work.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you use the router as a jointer?

Yes, you can use the router table as a jointer. There is a limitation that you cannot join a flat board face. But then again, you can do edge joining with ease. You will find the process of turning the table into a jointer quite simple.

You will just need to do is, inserting the bit into the router and then raise the height of the bit unless it is higher than the thickness of the board. Next, you will have to adjust the fence till it gets even with the edge.

However, there is a trick, and that is to offset one of the fences while bringing the other down a bit so you can create an offset.

It will be great if you bring the fences closer to the bit without touching it so you can improve the cut’s quality and safety.

Why MDF material tabletop is ideal?

The material of the top determines durability as well as balance. If the surface is even and flat, it will ensure a more balanced board. Not only that, the rigidity and firmness of the material will also keep the top from getting dented and warped when you apply pressure. And MDF is such a material that ensures all the factors so that the top has a longer life even if you abuse it.

What can you do with a Kreg router table?

Using the Kreg router table will help enhance the versatility of a router. Not only that, you can use it differently for different applications.

Here you will get some of them mentioned below:

Box and dovetail woodwork.
Use as a vertical joint.
Work with long, narrow, or small stocks.
Stopped cuts.
Grooves, slots, and dadoes.
Template work.
Make raised panel doors.
Edge trimming work.
Lock-miter, drawer lock, and finger joints.

Will you get a router lift with the product?

No, the Kreg router table does not come with a router lift. However, it mainly includes a precision router table, fence system, steel stand, router tabletop, setup bars, on and off switch, and micro-adjuster.

What are the dimensions of the Kreg router table? Is it small in size?

The Kreg router table measures 32 inches wide by 24 inches deep. You can use it to put a bead detail on some 80 inches long door stiles without any problem. You can also use a pattern cutting bit to create a copy of 36 inches 18 inches shelf with ease. So, you can guess by the use that how big the table will be to do the projects of such sizes.

How you can take care of the router table?

You actually do not have much to do when it comes to maintaining the router table. It’s just, you have to keep it clean and place it in a drier area.

Make sure to check the construction of the top and the table before you grab it. Or else, the defective one may end up disappointing you even if you try to look after it.

Some safety tips:

  • Make sure to wear dust masks, safety glasses as well as protection for ears while you work with it.
  • Make sure to set the table fence properly and precisely.
  • It is recommended to feed wood from right to left.
  • Make sure to turn off the power plug prior to changing the bits.
  • Make sure that you fix the bits in the appropriate position so you can keep them from coming out during work.
  • Always lock the router to the table if you use small wood stocks.

Wrap up!

A router table can save you a lot of time of woodwork while easing your job. And with this product by Kreg, you will find yourself satiated.

It will not only make your job less intimidating but also will provide you with high-quality services.

Albeit, there are some drawbacks that can disappoint you in some of the areas but they can be overlooked due to a number of benefits.

So, hope that this Kreg router table review helps you make a decision, and you have a great buy since its impressive features are very noticeable.