Best Makita Rt0701c Review In 2021 | By Expert Woodworker (Tested & Reviewed)

Best Makita Rt0701c Router Review

Changes in time and the growth of technology have brought a drastic change in everything. The change being inventible has left the manufacturers with no other option other than avail high-quality items.

It applies to routers. However, Makita Rto7o1c 1-1/4 compact router has left other manufactures working tirelessly to match its construction. This router is a product of Makita manufacturers who makes great use of their brilliant minds to ensure you have everything in your comfort.

In today’s article, we give you a proper Makita rt0701c review, which will make your buying decision easier.

Why do I point out this item? If that is your question, consider it well answered.  This article highlights all the outstanding facts about Makita’s  rt0701c compact router to ensure that your doubting mind is at peace.

Makita RT0701C 1-1/4 HP Compact Router
  • Variable speed control dial (10,000 to 30,000 RPM) enables user to...
  • Smooth rack and pinion fine depth adjustment system for more precise...
  • Slim and ergonomically designed body for increased comfort and control

I am fully aware of countless online recommendations that might have left you in a dilemma. If that is your case, here comes the saving help. All the features of this item function, as stated in this article, without any defects. It is readily available in the market; thus you can purchase it at a very affordable cost.

Makita Rt0701c Router Review

Top 10 Advantages Makita Rt0701c Router

  • Makita RT0701C Router The maintenance cost and initial cost are affordable
  • Variable speed control to ensure that you can match with the speed of the application
  • East to read scale increases the precision while setting the tool
  • It has a fantastic base with high visibility for enhanced performance
  • The construction of this tool is of durable materials to ensure it last longer
  • An ultra-light router with a compact design for ease in handling.
  • Makita RT0701C Router is very easy to use
  • Makita RT0701C Router Lightweight frame
  • High level of precision for perfect performance
  • It has smooth rack-and-pinion fine for depth adjustment
  • Review On Makita RT0701C 1-1/4 Compact Router
Makita RT0701C 1-1/4 HP Compact Router

The speed of the router has been a blinding fact when it comes to purchasing a router. Yes, the router should have an electronic speed.

But that does not wipe away the fact that you should consider other factors. Imagine a router that causes trouble when handling.

Think of a router that does not have a stable base, and you have to readjust its position regularly. Is that what you want?

I am sure your answer was a resounding no. to save you from all those troubles and many more ensure that you have the Makita rt0701c compact router.

This router has all the modifications and flawless construction to ensure that all your expectations are fully meant. It is an exceptional item in the market with a super stable base.

The base is of great help when setting up the router to promise fast setups. Moreover, the bottom part of this router has high visibility that highly increases its performance.

Also, the top part of the router was not left out in the fantastic construction of this tool. The top has a flat design, which makes changing of bits effortless and faster. Yes, it is such a great router that can trim toenails and promises an easy time while handling the router.

Moreover, the Makita rt0701c router is professional-constructed for top-notch precision. The scale of this item is the main contributing factor to its perfect accuracy. They are super easy to read to ensure the ideal setting. this router incorporates a smooth rack-and-pinion system, which is easy to adjust to promise correct settings. From such admirable features, it is crystal clear that this tool has effortless operations.

What about the lock system of the cam? Does it bring troubles or does it give you fast installations? Your guess was super right! This item is fashioned with all possible features to make it is a fantastic item to use.

The cam lock system offers simple base installations or removal. Nevertheless, it ensures that depth adjustments are straightforward and high visibility of the base.

Besides, this type of router ensures that you can match the speed of the application. It has a super powerful motor that has a variable speed control of 10,000-30,000 RPM to ensure that your speed is on another level. Also, the electronic speed of this compact router dramatically increases its performance.

It maintains an unvarying speed on the load and soft start specifications for super-fast startups.  This router is recommendable for homes, offices, and institutions.  Its power is beyond the average level with a cheap maintenance cost to ensure that everything is working for your success.

Nevertheless, the workmanship of this router has done a recommendable job in ensuring that the handling of the tool is safe and trouble-free. With respect to that, it has a Makita rt0701c compact router design.

The compact design makes it fit in your hand for fast setups. Besides, it is a feather-light item for effortless movements while shipping the item.

How is the longevity of this recommendable tool promised? The preceding question probably is your center of interest. If so, this defect-free router motor housing is of high-strength aluminum to ensure it lasts long.


  • A perfect router with an electronic speed that maintains unvarying speed on the load.
  • It is double insulated to withstand harsh conditions
  • The base insert is non-marring  to promise work-piece safety
  • Installations and removal of the base are effortless to install other bases
  • The top part of this excellent router is fantastic for the fast-changing of bits
  • The startups of this problem-solving compact router are smooth and trouble-free.
  • High level of precision for perfect performance
  • It has a smooth rack-and-pinion fine for depth adjustment


  • The maintenance cost and initial cost are affordable
  • Variable speed control to ensure that you can match with the speed of the application
  • East to read scale increases the precision while setting the tool
  • It has a fantastic base with high visibility for enhanced performance
  • The construction of this tool is of durable materials to ensure it last longer
  • An ultra-light router with a compact design for ease in handling.


  • It does not have light in its base
  • The compact router does not come with a case
Makita RT0701C 1-1/4 HP Compact Router
  • Variable speed control dial (10,000 to 30,000 RPM) enables user to...
  • Smooth rack and pinion fine depth adjustment system for more precise...
  • Slim and ergonomically designed body for increased comfort and control


Makita rt0701c compact router has been in the market for ages with a continuous upgrade for an excellent performance. Lack of light mostly fools people, but before that, consider its incredible electronic speed that will easily match with the speed of the application.

It is a tool worth an extra dollar, but amazingly, this router comes at a very affordable cost. Besides, it has a full one-year warranty. During that period you can present all the problems arising from its workmanship.

Buyers Guide

Knowing the things that you should put into considerations gives a clear picture of the tool that you should purchase. Moreover, you get clear of the vital features that tools should have for comfortable and less stressful operations.

In concern to that, this section discusses all the crucial factors that an excellent router should have. Mind you, all these features are professionally incorporated in the Makita rt0701c compact router; hence, you can purchase it without any regrets.


The functionality of any item you purchase is not debatable. The item should give the needed results with less energy, for a professional item, the functionality should be beyond the standard level.

To measure the performance of a router, you should consider the motor’s power. The motor provides the horsepower with sufficient power to promise fast functioning. The Makita rt0701c compact router has a super powerful motor that implicates to the horsepower hence highly recommendable for fast applications


The durability of the product is well-determined by the construction materials. High strength constructing materials avails a long-lasting item while vice versa is perfectly true. Obviously, you require an item that will last longer, hence go for durable constructing materials.

For example, the market teasing, Makita compact router, the motor housing is of aluminum. Aluminum is a sturdy metal that withstands all the scratches and rust. Thus it increases the durability of the router. If you highly consider the durability of the router does not hesitate to purchase this wonderful router from the Makita manufacturers.


Routers come in different designs. However, for a perfect router that will give you trouble-free operations, you should choose particular designs. For example, a compact-designed tool will ensure that the handing of the router is secure.

Also, it wipes the troubles of storing the tool, for it will take a small space of your room. Moreover, consider an ultra-light item. The lightweight reduces fatigue when using the item.

Probably you have tirelessly searched for an item that incorporates those two crucial designs and yet no solutions. If that is your case, then you should worry less. The Makita rt0701c compact router is highly recommendable that has a super-compact design. Moreover, it is super-light to ensure you can spend long hours using the item without any troubles.

Depth Adjustment

Most of the routers have a depth adjustment mechanism; thus, it is not a problem to spot one. The trouble comes in if the depth adjustment mechanism is not efficient enough.

To ensure you have the perfect item for your hard-earned dollars, look for a router that has a smooth rack-and-pinion. With such an item, you can be fully guaranteed fast depth adjustments. Also, consider an item with a wide plunge range.

If you are looking for such an item I got a perfect suggestion. Makita RT0701C review compact router has been intensively tested and proven to have efficient depth adjustments. It has a plunge depth of 0-33 mm hence very useful for every activity.


Routers have different features that aim at increasing their precision. Some of the manufacturers focus on improving the readability for correct settings. While other manufacturers focus on increasing base visibility.

Nevertheless, getting a router that has both features will be a deal won. Yes! It is true getting such an excellent item is not a walk in the park. However, the Makita manufactures things around.

One of their professionally constructed routers has an easy-to-read scale and a base with high visibility. Moreover, the installation and removal of the base are effortless.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This section consists of the commonly asked questions with their correct answers to ensure all your doubts are settled to purchase the item.

Q1. Which is the right voltage power supply to be used?

When choosing the power supply, it is vital to ensure that it will not cause any damage to the tool. This fantastic compact router requires a power rating of110 to 120volts.

In case of a different power supply voltage consider doing the necessary alterations to ensure that the right voltage is in the router. If you do not have any engineering knowledge to help you with this, you can hire a technician to offer a helping hand.

Q2. How does the depth adjustment mechanism work?

Among the top reasons why this router is highly recommendable is its easy depth adjustment mechanisms.  It has a smooth rank and pinion, which works at an increment of 1mm. Moreover, the cam lock system is fantastic for depth adjustments and base removal for installations

Q3. How is the design of this tool helpful?

Makita rt0701c compact router has an ergonomic design. Hence the handling of the router is very simple and efficient while shipping it. Also, the compact design of this tool makes the storage of the tool trouble-free. Besides, the small design makes it effective while using it to fit in your palm easily.

Q4. How deep can this router plunge?

The plunging depth of this item varies according to the tool you are plunging with it. However, it has a standard plunge depth of 0-35mm. Also, the plunge base allows adjustments to ensure that you can plunge multiple levels.

Q5. How can I purchase the Makita compact router?

The construction and the output of the Makita rt0701c router are always perfect. As a result, its demand is still super high. If you require this excellent working router, you can look for it in the nearest hardware shop or make an online order.

Additional Notes

Everyone is coming to terms that Makita products have exceptionally perfect crafting. However, there are some things you should look for in their routers to confirm it is perfect for you.

First, a little glossy appearance can be your motivating factor.  An ugly-looking item can act as a discouragement to work for extra hours. In consideration of the appearance of glossy appearance, the Makita  rt0701c compact router has a silver finish and bright blue color for attractive looks

Moreover, high-strength constructing materials will do great good than harm. They will increase the durability of the item against scratches and intense friction. Also, consider a slim body with an ergonomic design for ease when handling the item.

Nevertheless, an expensive does not promise a durable item, and poor price tags can be a red flag to the poor functioning tools. Thus consider the above factors to ensure you do not suffer regrets after making a router purchase.

The motor power should be your key guide. A super-powerful motor will promise the overall wonderful functionality of the router. It makes no sense to carry a tool from the shop when you are not sure of its performance. Hence, to avoid future disappointments ensure the motor functioning is beyond the average level.

Also, the base may require some removal and installation. Therefore ensure that you can easily remove it quickly and install it to avoid any troubles. However, with the Makita rt0701c compact router, you can be fully guaranteed a brilliant tool

Reasons For Recommending

There are countless reasons why we do recommend the Makita RT0701c 1-1/4 compact router. Talk of its high performance, ergonomic design, and many more features will make you recommend this tool to your friends.

However, we had to ensure we had better reasons why we recommend this router. Therefore we hired experts to do thorough testing on the tool and came up with the following observations.

1. This router has an exceptionally fast rate release cam lock system; hence the base removal and installations are easier, and depth adjustments are possible.2. It has an expert-like construction with a shaft lock for fast and straightforward change of bits3. This router comes at an affordable price without compromising the functionality4. The double insulation of this router increases the longevity and its safety5. A glossy finish and flat top for an attractive appearance.

Note; those are just some of the few of the observations from the experts. This item has multiple advantages, and you got the guarantee of high precision with the fast-to-read scale.

Also, the base is very stable with a compact design for storage and handling of the product. Moreover, this exceptionally functioning router is perfect for routing small profiles such as door hinges. The operations of this tool might be straightforward,  but it is advisable to go through the manual for more clarification.

Final Notes

From the above Makita rt0701c that the Makita RT0701c1-1/4 compact router is the most recommendable router to use. This router incorporates perfect artistry to ensure you have an easy operating item.

The design of this tool is wonderful in promising a compact item for easy handling. Moreover, the motor is super strong for excellent functioning.

The performance is super high, with a high level of precision. It has an easy-to-read scale for correct settings. Nevertheless, the base of this router has high visibility and simple to remove and install.

All possible questions about routers have correct answers in this article. Read through it to learn everything about excellent functioning routers.