Best Porter Cable 892 Router Review

Best Porter Cable 892 Router Review In 2022 | Buyers Guide

Best Porter Cable 892 Router Review

Carpentry is hard work. This niche of work requires immense patience as well as calculated precision. Gone are the days when carpenters only had their hands to help them with woodwork.

With the advancement in technology, tools such as routers and sanders make woodwork a much easier and more fun project. porter cable 892 router review can help you choose the best porter cable router. I try to my best share with you why you can buy the best porter cable router.

Routers are convenient tools that make our woodworking lives just a little better and easier. These inexpensive tools are not hard to understand as they come with their own detailed instructions.

They are very portable and easy to handle, by almost anyone of any age. Because of their rising popularity, you will now find different kinds and models of porter cable 892 routers out in the market.

Because of this, hand-picking the right one out of the lot may seem difficult, especially if you are not too familiar with the tool itself.

Porter Cable 892 Router Review

Top 8 Advantages Best Porter Cable 892 Router

  • Porter-Cable 892 Router is very easy to use
  • The instructions are very detailed and they are easy to understand
  • The quick motor latches and adjustment features allow you to make the most out of this product without tampering with its longevity.
  • The product is also budget-friendly so you do not have to worry about burning a hole through your wallet
  • The product is also budget-friendly so you do not have to worry about burning a hole through your wallet
  • The product itself is not very heavy so you can easily carry it anywhere you want to
  • Porter-Cable 892 Router Lightweight frame
  • High level of precision for perfect performance

Hence, we are here to help you with that. Today, we are going to review the porter cable 892 router by the manufacturer Porter Cable 892 router. This router is a buy you do not want to miss out on.

We have also compiled a list of the pros and cons associated with the product itself, as well as an informative section further down below this porter cable 892 routers. We hope you have a fun time reading through this descriptive product review. Happy reading!

Porter-Cable 892 2-1/4 Horsepower Router 

If you want a router that is not only high-end but also packed with a range of versatile features and specifications, then this router by Porter Cable 892 might just be the one for you.

This is a fixed base router that comes with easy-to-understand instructions and operation details. This easy-to-use router features a powerful operation speed of 10000 RPM to a maximum of 23000 RPM.

This speed allows users to make smooth and precise cuts anytime. There are also a variety of cut depth changes that you can make with the usage of this router by Porter-Cable.

This incredible fixed base router features a soft start program of 12 AMP 2-1/4 horsepower, allowing you to adjust the variable speed as you wish without having to deal with the device suddenly jerking out of your hands at full power.

Go through the hardest wood material with the help of this porter cable 892 router. Save up valuable time by making use of above-the-table changes. You can easily release the motor latch, change the heights and sizes of the bit, clamp the motor from up above the router table, etc.

The dual switch of this device lets you cut the power while having full control of the porter cable 892 router with both of your hands at the same time. The handles are rubber coated so you can expect a non-slip grip on them the entire time.

Loosen up the collects with the help of the spindle lock feature and allow yourself a quick and seamless motor and depth adjustment.

There is no reason to worry about accidentally hurting your fingers or slipping on the bit cut of your project. The handles are coated with a non-slip-like substance as well as covered with rubber. With this porter cable 892 router, you can expect enhanced friction and easier mobility.

This impeccable product features a light weight of only 12.56 pounds while having a moderate height of 12.81 inches. The product package comes with a collect wrench, the router itself, an operating manual guide as well as a hard carrying case.


  • Easy-to-understand and use features
  • The instructions are very detailed and they are easy to understand
  • The product itself is not very heavy so you can easily carry it anywhere you want to
  • The product is also budget-friendly so you do not have to worry about burning a hole through your wallet
  • The product is also budget-friendly so you do not have to worry about burning a hole through your wallet
  • The quick motor latches and adjustment features allow you to make the most out of this product without tampering with its longevity.


  • For some customers, the package came with a few pieces missing after delivery so you need to keep an eye out for that.


Now that we have got the product and its features covered, let us take a look at this buying guide we have listed here in order to learn about some of the key features you need to keep in mind before you place your initial order for the product.

Here we will only discuss the features that we think are very important, and how a high-quality porter cable 892 router should have them.

Hence, if you are a pro in the world of woodwork already, you might want to skip this part. But in any case, this is an informative section so it will not really hurt to just read through this either.

The type of router on the market

This is obviously a must for any carpenter when purchasing a router. Choosing the right router comes down to the kind of woodwork you will be doing. If you are someone who has never done woodwork before, then it would be a smart idea to get a fixed router.

There are plenty of high-quality routers on the market now but some of the best brands you should definitely keep an eye out for are Porter-Cable, DEWALT, Makita, etc.

Not only do they have amazing products but their goods are also very reasonably priced. Compared to the range of features their products are equipped with, the prices are really worth it.

The speed

One of the most important features a high-quality router could have is the speed options. A crappy router will only come equipped with one option for speed, and that could either be just fixed or variable.

However, a high-quality router from a globally well-renowned brand will most of the time manufacture products that come equipped with both speed styles. This allows users to make use of the router in whichever way they want, and also gives them the scope to be creative.

Therefore, a very high-quality router will most of the time come with a variable speed option AND a fixed speed option. Hence, you can easily choose between the bit sizes and work your way around them however you desire!

Motor start

Without a soft motor start, you should expect your router to start operating on high power right off the bat. Not only is this very annoying, but it can also be really dangerous if your router happens to just jerk off of your hands because of the sudden power surge. You really do not want that to happen if you are a first-timer.

In order to ensure that something catastrophic does not happen, always make sure that your choice of router comes equipped with soft start motors. With a soft start, you can first get easily accustomed to the power surge of the router motor and adapt yourself to the startling noise as well without necessarily creating any scope for accidents.

This way, you also have a proper calculation of the pressure of the router, alongside better center balance. The best part for buyers now is that most electrical circuitry-equipped routers now have this soft start motor feature by default, so it really is just a win-win from every direction.

The Amp

If you are a first-timer, then you might think that the amperage of a router is not really a big deal. However, we have to disagree with that. The amp of any router is pretty much the power at which it will work.

Of course, the higher the amp the better it is by default. But that is really not the case all the time. It pretty much depends on the kind of cutting you want to do, and also on the quality or hardness of the wood you want to work on.

A good quality router will typically come with an amperage of 9 to 12 AMP. However, if you are ready to invest in costlier routers with heavy-duty features, you can easily expect them to have an amperage of more than just 12.

An amperage of more than 12 is not required all the time, but it surely does not hurt to get a high-powered router for the first buy either. In the end, it depends on the customer’s preference anyways.

Additional accessories

This kind of varies from one router model/version to the other so it is not really something specific you can look out for. But there are a few essentials that are always present in the package.

These include the instruction manual, a dust collection system or bag, and a case to keep the router and its other complementary tools in.

The instruction manual will be easy to read and understand by people of all ages and experiences. They will also come with step-by-step guides to assist users with any sort of difficulty.

The case the router will come in will be made of really high-quality plastic if it is from a popular brand. This means the case itself will not be prone to any kind of external damage such as scratches, denting, and/or breaking. This in turn will work to keep the gears and tools inside safe and sound.

However, cases from poor brands will be made of low-quality material and they will pretty much be the exact opposite of the former description.

Lastly, a high-quality router will come equipped with a dust collection system or bag. This is a very convenient feature most of the electrical circuitry-equipped routers now come with.

The dust collection system allows a vacuum to be connected to the router itself so it can gather all the sawdust and wood debris even while the router operates. This is a fantastic feature for users who deal with breathing problems. On top of that, your workplace remains clean and uncluttered at the same time.

Frequently Asked Questions

So now that we have covered our product review as well as our informative section consisting of a descriptive buying guide, let us get into some of the frequently asked questions a lot of customers have before they make their initial router purchase.

Q1. Does the Porter Cable 892 come with a soft start motor feature?

Absolutely! As this router comes equipped with electrical circuitry, you can rest assured that this product features a very convenient soft start motor. As the minimum to maximum RPM of this router ranges from 10000 RPM to 23000 RPM, you can expect the router to start off its operation with subtle speed, one that gradually builds up to the chosen speed rate afterward.

Q2. What is a centering tool in routers?

Centering tools in routers are basically meant to balance out the fixed base style. This is a needed tool when the base style is not evenly balanced or laid out. Without a centering tool in this case could mean that your precision on wood cutting or shaping will not be that accurate. But this does not necessarily mean that your router will be completely immobile.

Q3. How to choose the right/ideal speed as a first-timer?

For first-timers, everything associated with routers can come off as tricky and intimidating. But the speed variation is probably the most confusing aspect of all. Getting the ideal or near-perfect speed range can be a bit of a struggle if you do not know how to work around the process.

You can either just learn from trial and error, or you could keep in mind the notion that the bigger your bit cut is, the slower the speed range will be. However, this is not always an accurate evaluation as the average amperage and RPM vary from one router model to the other.

Q4. How to use the Porter Cable 892 Router?

Porter-Cable 892 Router is easy to use for every woodworker. First, you can read my full review article then you can start your work easily. I hope it solves your hesitation, you can easily start your woodworking project with Porter Cable 892 Router.

Final Notes

So there you have it! For our product porter cable 892 router today, we checked out the incredible 892 Fixed Base Router by the amazing brand Porter Cable 892. We love this router as it is not only high quality, but it also comes with some of the best up-to-date features now currently on the market.

We hope you had a fun time reading out the article and that all the informative sections proved to be of some help to you and your router shopping escapade. Here’s to happy shopping!