Best Yonico Router Bit Reviews

Best Yonico Router Bit Reviews & Ratings For 2021 | Expert Yonico Router Reviews

Best Yonico Router Bit Reviews

Last Updated on January 02, 2021

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Alas! A few days ago, I was reviewing some of the most potential best router bits, and guess what; it was a heck of a job. I felt exhausted to filter among- Yonico, Freud, Eagle America, and White-side. Indeed, it was a heck of a job.

Then and there, I decided to come up with this Yonico Router Bit covering five of their best products in the market. While selecting these router bits, I thoroughly tested their versatility, utility, reasonable pricing, and above all, their significant features that matter more.

Meanwhile, I have selected the Yonico router bits for reviewing to make your woodcutting jobs easy and convenient. So, let’s have a go.

Why choose Yonico router bits?

Yonico bits are designed to provide a clear cut that does not tear the plywood as much. It also helps if you are working on a budget because they are reasonably priced while providing the same services as expensive bits.

yonico router bits review

The router bits are also balanced to provide precision. This will result in better accuracy that will provide a better outcome than the desired results. The router bits also do not vibrate, so the entire working operation is smooth. The router bits also provide an industrial-grade grip, so they do not move about freely and ruin the project structure.

yonico router bit reviews

Why not choose Yonico Router Bits?

  • The routers do not perform consistently. They provide decent cuts, but they are not always smooth.
  • The bits are also cheaply made that will impact the useful life as well as the depreciation of the tools.
  • In case these router bits do not have a vibration-free function, these may burn the surface of the wood. This will result in an unpleasant smell and ruin the quality of the project.
  • The product description is also not consistent. Some router bits are not as advertised. However, the customers have not complained. They are too good to pass up because of the price.

Our Favorite Best Yonico Router Bits on the Market [2021]

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Yonico Router Bit Reviews

We have listed the best Yonico Router Bits above but if you want to know details of each product; please scroll below and explore them.

Top 8 Best Yonico Router Bit Reviews

1. Yonico 17702 70 Bit Router Bit Set 1/2-Inch Shank

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Yonico built this 17702 70 Bit Router with longer shanks making it more comfortable to use for woodworkers. It includes premium quality cutters along with an array of different bits that are going to impress you big-time.

Yonico 17702 built the bits with tripped C3 micro-grain carbide with CNC making the 70 bits incredibly balanced and versatile. Furthermore, the best quality router bits assortment of the bearings ensures a hassle-free and smooth application.

Lastly, the recent up-gradation in the design sections has enabled the router to equip with extended bits.  Thus, now, users can accommodate both tables and handheld router projects. This can be done with better precision and adjustments. A great advantage, indeed.

Woodworkers are going to love it since the product supports all the ranges and sizes of router bits, helpful for cutting jobs, and cost-affordable at the same time. What else could be better?

Yonico Router Bit Features And Specifications


The router bit accommodates the full range of bits with all essential bits. Thus, it enables users to operate all possible cutting jobs at ease.


The best quality router bits are inducted with silver brazing, which makes them durable and powerful. So, now you can use them without being worried about strength and durability.

Premium design 

Yonico has used the famous Tungsten carbide with C4 micro-grain technology in the blades. It has made the edges long-lasting and sharper than before.

Extended shanks

The longer ½-inches shanks ensure accurate cutting with less fuss. So, the woodworking job will be even more enjoyable with this 17702 70 Bit Router setting.


  • Versatile use with fully ranged bits.
  • Larger shanks
  • Built for both handheld and table router use.
  • Silver induction provides durability and strength


  • None reported so far.


For those who want strength, variety, and durability at the same time, the best choice for them is Yonico 17702 70 bit best quality router-bit Sets. The longer shanks, carbide-made body, and tungsten blades will provide you with a superior experience.

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2. Yonico 12335 Ogee 3 Bit Raised Panel Cabinet Door Router Bit Set

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Oh, I am lucky and pleased to introduce this beautiful piece of perfect craftsmanship to you. What an incredible piece of router bit it is!

The three-piece Yonico router bit set is a master to create raiser doors for cabinets and panels, making it an obvious choice for such jobs. What’s more, you can the bits feature rail and stile cutting facility. So, you will be able to generate perfect rail and stile frames for the door at ease.

Since the bits’ blades are capable of cutting stock as deep as 1-inch, it makes the thick stock processing a more convenient task. Furthermore, the set is equipped with a back-cutter facility; so, users will find it comfortable to create front drawer doors and attractive panel flush.

Yonico ensured the premium quality as they used C-3 Tungsten and carbide combination for the body. The carbide blades are more powerful and durable than any other model right now.

Features And Specifications


The 3-piece best router bit set can be used for both table and handheld routing jobs. It performs rail and stile, classic ogee design, and much more, making it the most versatile router bits.

Enclosed bearings 

Yonico has enabled the router to work without the support of added fence through the enclosed bearings. So, you won’t need to pay for a fence additionally.

Reliable storage 

The bit router comes along with a wooden box for storage. Moreover, the set includes a wrench, rail, and stile as well as 1/2 inches shanks.


The whole set weighs only 2.09 pounds approximately, so it is easy to carry with on different places.


  • Versatile functions
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Enclosed bearing for accurate cutting


  • It comes with only three-piece of router bits.
  • Doesn’t support all routing jobs


Suitable for beginners to experts, this high-quality Yonico 12335 Ogee 3 Bit Raised Panel is the epitome of sublime perfection. If you are a homeowner and keen to save a few bucks, we strongly recommend you to use it since it provides a secure, convenient, and smooth operating experience at a relatively low budget.

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3. Yonico 14323 3 Bit Undersized Plywood Dado Router Bit Set

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Did you face any problems while cutting and shaping dadoes out of standard plywood boards? Most people will answer with a loud affirmation to this answer since plywood boards come with a thinner measurement than the actual one doing the cutting job with regular bits tough.

Therefore. The Yonico built undersized plywood best router bit set modeled 14323 comes with three different bits for plywood cutting. So, now woodworkers can avail themselves to cut 3/4, ½, and ¼ inches of plywood with narrow edges without facing any problem whatsoever.

All the shanks are ½-inches long, providing an excellent cutting experience. If you want to create a perfect dado, there’s no alternative to use the Yonico dado router bit set. Similarly, straight cuts are even more convenient to operate.

Features And Specifications


Yonico has used premium building material in the form of carbide tungsten and C-3 micro-grain to achieve ultimate durability.

Versatile use 

You can use the Yonico 14323 3 Bit Undersized Plywood Dado Router Bit Set for CNC, router table, and even for handheld cutting purposes.

Creating dadoes and straight cuts 

While most router bits are either designed for creating dadoes or straight lines, this unique router bit perfectly makes straight cuts and dadoes with the same pattern. It is a great advantage.


Yonico used silver induction for brazing the entire body of the router bit. So, these add excellent durability and resistance to the product.


  • Sharper edges
  • Perfect for cutting undersized plywood
  • It comes with a sturdy wood cage.


  • Can’t be used for substantial cutting purposes
  • Requires faster speed for cuts


If you are someone who deals more with thin and undersized plywood, using the Yonico 14323 three-piece router bit will be a great advantage. Accuracy, durability, and budget-friendliness equally combine to make it one of the most user-friendly and loved products of all time.

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4. Yonico 15221 3/4-Inch 2 Bit Tongue and Groove Router Bit Set

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There’s no match to Yonico 15221 3/4-Inch 2 Bit Tongue and Groove Router Bit Set when it comes to creating rail and tile, flooring, and so on. It significantly accomplishes different cutting, shaping, and re-shaping tasks with precision.

Moreover, the router bit is supported by tongue and groove facilities. So, the tongue enables the router to cut ¼- inches of stock as small as up to ¾ inches. Moreover, it allows woodworkers to create tongue and groove joints. The joints are crucial for flooring projects.

Unlike other router bits, the Yonico 15221 3/4-Inch 2 Bit is pre-shimmed, which is undoubtedly a great advantage. However, you will be glad to know that Yonico has provided extra shims with the beautiful wooden box for further needs in the future.

Most experts believe that this particular router bit is capable of completing most of your routing jobs at ease. However, it is recommended that you use it for wood routing only to get the best satisfactory result.

Features And Specifications

Simple setup

The tongue and groove Yonico routing set comes with an easy installation process. So, operating with the router is incredibly easy and fun.

Ideal for different jobs

The tongue and groove joint is ideal for a flooring project, tabletop, panels, and wainscoting. Moreover, the router is good at creating and adjusting gluing as well as alignments.


Silver brazing and tungsten blades are known for their durability. Hence, you are sure to get the utmost durability and strength at the same time.

Specialized for smaller cuts

It is designed for short and narrow cuts with ½ inches shanks. So, you will get precise cuts.


  • Ideal for tongue and groove joints
  • Pre shimmed
  • Easy setup
  • Durable


  • Can be used only in table mount
  • Designed for wood exclusively


No more scratches on your routine tasks. Purchase the Tongue and Groove best quality router bits and do whatever you have wished. It will allow you to create everything you want.  And that too at an affordable budget.

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5. Yonico 12249 Shaker 2 Bit Rail and Stile Router Bit Set

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This premium industrial quality router bit is unparallel for making the best rail and stile with details and professional follow-up. You can’t ignore the impressiveness of its unique rail and stile cuts with such an excellent finishing.

The router bit has a totally enclosed bearing assortment. This enables users to make precise cuts even without the use of fences. So, it is a significant saving. Moreover, the set comes along with a sturdy and finely manufactured wood box providing extraordinary looks and brilliant durability.

Yonico has made the body with hardened and solid material that won’t break down during shipping. Moreover, the blade edges are built using Tungsten and carbide accompanied by C-3 micro grain resulting in a great finished product. It is, therefore, ready to serve for an extended period with larger shanks up to ½ inches.

Features And Specifications


 The best thing about the Yonico 12249 Shaker is its protective characteristics. It features a recently upgraded anti-kickback technology so that the user remains safe all the time from unwanted kickbacks.

Anti-resistant technology

Yonico has used their very best resistant coating on the metal body. So, it is shock and scratch-proof, which is undoubtedly a great advantage for woodworkers.

Creates a beautiful cabinet

If you are someone who loves making cabinets with shaker style supported by precise design, you are going to love the router bit big time.

Durability and strength

The induction with silver brazing provided extreme durability and strength during works. Moreover, tungsten blades are known for their powerful impact on the wood.


  • Premium quality with C3 micro-grain.
  • Shaker style perfect for deep cuts.
  • Weight only 1.25 pounds


  • Designed for tabletop router use only


We don’t want to exaggerate but must admit that it is probably the best rail and stile maker at present in the market. Once you use it, there’s never going to be a reduction in the intense relationship between you and Yonico 12249 Shaker 2 Bit Rail and Stile Best Router Bit Set, thanks to its durability and satisfactory performance.

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6. Freud Premier Adjustable Rail & Stile Set

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Freud Routers are manufactured with the best quality and unheard of precision. They are aimed at providing maximum cutting life. Freud Routers are manufactured with a sophisticated process that includes exclusive features such as Ti Co Hi-Density Carbide red Perma-SHIELD with its non-stick coating. These routers are meant to be revolutionary with their innovative design.

Key Features

Freud routers come with an adjustable groove that suits a different kind of thickness to maneuver plywood or wooden panels. This router must not be used on surfaces that excused its rims per minute.

  • It comes with many choices available in thickness.
  • It comes with an optional cutter to create panel or glass doors.
  • The optional cutter can also be used to create dual-sided profiles with thicker materials.
  • This router comes with a proper and stable setup to assist your work.


  • It arrives with enough shims and built great joints.
  • The design of this router is easy to understand and user-friendly.
  • It is a time-saving router that is best used to create kitchen cabinets and glass windows.


  • The spacers are not marked with respect to their thickness availability options. This can be annoying during work.
  • One customer failed to close a 0.005-inch gap after constant adjusting, shimming, and readjusting.

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7. KOWOOD Tongue and Groove Set

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This router by the KOWOOD store is intended to assist you in producing stiles and rails for flooring, paneling, and other similar projects.

key Features

  • The tongue of the router can be adjusted to complement surfaces such as hardwood, veneer, or plywood.
  • The router is constructed with an alloy blade to provide a balanced application that can bear heavy-duty use. This router can be used for a long time period.
  • The router design is designed with an anti-kickback feature to ensure safe installation use.
  • The1/4th shank provides stability and less vibration upon use.
  • The tongue and grove are diversified to provide convenience.


  • This router works best with woods, particleboard, and compact plywood panel.
  • This router is easy to store due to its include sturdy case. The case is also intended to protect the router from traveling or when carrying it to remote locations.
  • This router provides the best cut results and is guaranteed to add finishing to the product.
  • Tongue and grooves have truly assisted the users in creating spectacular work. The router stays stable and provides great cuts where needed.


  • The customers are not pleased with the 1/4th shank that may provide loose cuts outweighing the advantages.
  • Some customers have experienced excessive noise and vibrations despite the silence claims by the company.

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8. WSOOX 3 PCS Router Bit Set

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This router is constructed with a reliable alloy body with a carbon edge. The solid body provides an anti-kickback design that allows users to maneuver the product efficiently. Its classic design continues to appeal to woodworkers.

Key Features

  • The router is manufactured in a 1/4th shank that is designed to create rails for cabinet door frames.
  • This router applies to all the surfaces such as woods, plywood, and panels.
  • It is recommended that these ferrous metals may not be cut using this counter and other materials such as steel or sand.
  • WSOOX makes its product affordable and prides the company over its customer service, which is available 24 hours a day.
  • WSOOX router uses its tongue to improve its woodworking performance in the creations of flooring tables, bedroom and bathroom shelves, and other similar fixtures.
  • It aims to complement the high quality of materials used in creating door panels and shelves.


  • The product arrives in secure and tight packaging.
  • The customers were pleased with the packaging due to the heavy price tag. The quality is described, and the cutting of the router is exceptionally smooth.
  • It is very easy to use and provides a satisfactory service overall.


  • Some customers did complain that the panel was wobbly and so the router could not adjust to the speed of the panel and would shift on its own. This is incredibly concerning.
  • On rare occasions, the product has arrived with missing parts.

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What Should You Expect From Yonico Bits?

Now that we have mentioned everything about the Yonico brand and the particulars regarding their bits, you can decide whether or not to purchase their bits. You can decide to purchase Freud or Whiteside bits, but they will not provide a diversified application of use.

yonico router bit review

The Yonico router bits are considered among the best brand. Yonico brand continues to invest in research and development to provide affordable bits to woodworking professionals. They are also commonly found in the marketplace as well.

The Yonico router bits will continue to assist professional builders or woodworkers. These bits are reliable, so it would be wise to invest in a tool that will carry you for future years. These bits are also perfect if you need help with a one-time project.

yonico router bits reviews

Even when you are beginning with softer wood and unsure where to start, the soft edges with the firm grip will provide the assistance you so require. Yonico is very helpful for specific needs for which they are considered the best router. Now that you have a basket of helpful information, you can make the best decision.

Buying Guide: Choosing the Right Yonico Router Bit

First of all, I would like to congratulate you on deciding to purchase a router bit. Since you are looking forward to buying a standard and utility router bit, there are some factors you must keep in mind while buying the router bit.

Size of Shanks

First, you need to see the length of the shanks. There are two variations in the shanks’ length- ¼ inches and ½ inches.  Usually, the ½ inches legs provide better durability, stability, and flexibility during straight and decorated cuts. Moreover, the ½ inches shanks vibrate less. Fortunately, Yonico seems to know it and thus provides their router bits with ½ shanks.

Don’t Forget About The Built Quality

Then, you can’t but ignore the build quality. While you can’t measure it with eyes, the easiest way is to know the building material. Experts believe that router bits with C-3 micro-grains and tungsten blades are good for making the premium router bits. These ensure balance and durability. Thus, it is no surprise that Yonico, the best in the market, has used carbide tungsten material in all their router bits.

Consider The Cutting Tasks

Router bits are designed to perform specific cutting jobs. While most router bits are made for simple straight cuts, others focus on decorated cuts such as the rabbeting, chamber, and specialized cuts. Thus, you must ask yourself the purpose of your router bits and purchase accordingly.

Material Types

A woodworker also should be careful about the kind of material he is going to cut frequently during the router bit purchase. Not all the router bit is capable of cutting wood, plywood, and other types of material with the same tungsten blade.

Some are best for wood. Then others boast of best cuts on plywood. Yonico has been submerging these two different cuts in their router bits adding a great advantage to your choice.

Bearing: Guided or Non-Guided

If you buy a non-guided bearing assorted router bit, then you will also have to purchase an additional fence. Otherwise, the cutting material might slip and provide minor cuts. So, you will need to spend a few bucks for the fence.

On the contrary, guided bearings don’t require any fence for accurate cuts. The best thing is that all our reviewed Yonico router bit features a good quality guided bearing.

Table Mounted or Handheld Router Bit

Most router bits are either table-mounted or freehand. However, there are some models that can be used in both cases. So, depending on your work, choose wisely the table mounter or handheld router; or that features both.

Things You Should Know About a Router Bit

Types of Router Bits

Grooving straight bits are the most often used bits because they can be used in numerous applications.  Straight bits are used for different kinds of square-shaped grooves. The cuts are used to connect materials. These bits are also used for mortising door hardware to groove a channel.

The V-groove-shaped profile is used for V-groove bit grooves. They are used for engraving designs on flat surfaces such as cabinet faces and signs. These router bits come in numerous diameters and angles that factor width and depth of the groove. Some bits are flat bottoms with sharp tips.

The joinery bits are used for cutting adjoining notches that provide two pieces of durable and strong points. Each bit has its unique way.

The rabbeting bits form an L-shaped shoulder on the edge of a material. They are primarily required in the construction of cabinets when making drawers or cabinets. These are also used to attach the top of the cabinets to the sides of its structure. They are separate from straight bits because of the circular pilot bearing acting as a spinning wheel to perfect depth. The size of the bearing factors the width of the cut.

The glue joining bit helps join two pieces of material with identical tongues on both pieces. The cuts create sufficient space to form a tight-fitting joint that holds the pieces securely together. They are available in standard and mitered variations.  These bits range from 1⅜ inches to 2¾ inches.

The flush trims bits are basically straight router bits but with a pilot bearing. They are similar to flute bits in terms of diameter. They allow for the excess overhanging material to be trimmed, providing the perfect flush to the material. They are also used in duplicating patterns as a template.

The edge-forming bits are used to create wood joints and to plunge to the center of a piece of grooves or inlays. They are also used to shape the edges of the wood. The purpose of these bits is to shape the sharp edges of lumber in numerous ways.

The most common type of bits is rounding-over bits. They are used second to the straight bits.  These router bits create a sharp 90-degree edge of a wood piece to provide a smoother and finished look. They will preserve paint and staining on top of it, alongside causing any injury.

Should you buy Yonico router bits?

The router bits provide versatile use. Their large shanks provide ease during work processes. These routers are built for handheld and table-router use, so depending on your purpose, you can use them however you chose. They can also reach the rough and challenging edges to complete your project with a professional perspective.

Not to mention these bits are lightweight and affordable, so they will not completely offset your budget. In the gist, you should expect great versatility, reliability, and assistance with router bits. These router bits will be a great addition to your woodworking tools.

Frequently asked questions about router bits

Q1. Why choose Yonico router bits?

The Yonico provides a better cut with a very minimum tear on the plywood. It is beneficial for laborers on a limited budget as these routers offer a great service at a discounted price.

Q2. Is there any difference between a Yonico router bit and others? What affects the quality?

The quality of router bits is dependent on different things such as material, number of flutes, and variety. Yonico has never compromised in any of these sectors, making them the ultimate love for most users. Their premium quality, after-sales service, and utility make them different from others.

Q3. I am a rookie in the wood cutting profession. Can you suggest one that suits my style?

There are many models that will suit you. However, we would recommend you Yonico 15221 3/4-Inch 2 Bit Tongue and Groove Router Bit Set, thanks to its user-friendly and affordable features.

Q4. Why not choose Yonico Router Bits?

Yonico router bits are not always the best when it comes to providing smooth cuts.
Yonico router bits are made out of inexpensive material that can impact the result.
These bits may burn the wood as these are not manufactured with vibration-free functioning.

Q5. Should you buy Yonico router bits?

Yonico router bits may not be the most reliable cuts. However, it depends on the budget of the user and the intended result. Moreover, if the user intends to invest wisely, it is suggested that he purchases a more reliable alternative router.

Final Note

Router bits are of great use when it comes down to decorative as well as straight cuts. Of course, there are a lot of brands available in the market with some significant router bits. We don’t like to neglect them. Nonetheless, the truth is that the Yonico router bits review stands apart from all of them.

Durability, performance, cost-effectiveness – everything you want, you will get with the Yonico. We have tested, verified, and discussed extensively before selecting these top 5 Yonico router bit reviews. With these products, a woodcutting job will be so easy and convenient that you can’t even imagine.

We hope our picks will go a long way to figure out the exact type of Yonico router bits you need. And, when you find yours, can we expect humble thanks?