Best Porter Cable 895pk Review

Best Porter Cable 895pk Review In 2022 | Picked By Experienced Woodworker

Best Porter Cable 895pk Router Review

Are you looking for a router that will make woodworking a bit easier for you? Do you always have complex ideas that later turn out to be the most beautiful pieces of wood? In fact, turning wood into something useful and aesthetic is not easy. Ideas come as fast as they go so you have to utilize the time. Best Porter Cable 895pk Router Review for you.

This is why routers exist so that you do not give up midway when you are too tired from working manually. There are many tools that exist now but the router may be one of the most important. They help you cut and hollow up very easily and causing the least fatigue.

Porter Cable 895pk Router Review

Top 10 Advantages Porter Cable 895pk Router      

  • Porter-Cable 895pk Router is very easy to use.
  • A very quiet motor yet an extremely powerful one.
  • Porter-Cable 895pk Router The Soft start is itself a safety feature.
  • Porter-Cable 895pk Router The speed is very easy to adjust.
  • Porter-Cable 895pk Router The depth adjustments are also quite easy to adjust.
  • Dust collection saves you from a lot of after-work and also enables a better view.
  • Porter-Cable 895pk Router is Quite light and easy to maneuver.
  • Porter-Cable 895pk Router The operation is very straightforward.
  • Porter-Cable 895pk Router It comes with everything included. It comes with everything included.
  • 1Porter Cable 895pk Router It has built-in lights to make things more visible.

In order to create a flawless piece of work, you need something that offers you the best working experience. If you have to forcefully stop every time you start because something is going wrong- what you are creating will not be as good as you want it to be. That’s why you have to be careful when choosing a router for your work. And, the trouble is that there are many available.

Luckily, among the many, some stand out and the Porter Cable 895pk is one such router. When it comes to performance it is one of the best. When it comes to features it may be one of the best for you as well. Let us find out how suitable it is for you through the Porter Cable 895pk.

Porter Cable 895pk Review: The Features

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Let’s check out what the porter cable router 895pk has to offer.

1. A powerful motor. 

The main reason people use routers to do their work is because of the power it offers. You do not have to push with all your strength to route a wood thanks to the router. However, not all routers can make the task easy. Luckily, the porter cable 895pk router can.

Apparently, it has a motor of 2.25 horsepower. It runs on 15 amp. You can quite imagine how powerful this router is. In fact, hollowing out really hardwood will be a piece of cake with this unit.

Furthermore, it uses electronic feedback to maintain motor speed very accurately and smoothly. You really will not have any trouble with or complaints about the motor of the Porter-Cable 895Pk. Because it is one of the best there is out there.

2. A Soft Start.

Power tools are often scary to use and the porter cable 895pk router knows that. It does not matter if you are a beginner or a professional- a tool can startle you with its sound when it starts. To make things worse, you may even drop it on the ground.

As a result, this unit comes with a soft start motor. Apparently, these features allow the unit to start ‘softly’ with minimum jerk and sound. Therefore, no one gets startled. However, the soft start feature is often questioned by many as they think it only adds to the parts that could go wrong with the tool.

As long as it works well, it serves a good purpose.

3. The various speeds. 

You may have guessed that this unit has variable speed when we said that the motor uses electronic feedback to maintain its speed. In fact, what will amaze you is how easily you can adjust the speed and how accurate it is. Well, after all the motor is built that way so the speed better is accurate.

All you have to do is turn a dial to get the speed you desire. Apparently, there are even numbers around to help you choose the speed more easily. You can vary the speed from 10,000 rpm to 23,000 rpm easily. And, this is quite a good range of speed, to begin with.

As you know, the ability to control the speed comes in very handy when you are woodworking. It helps you do the tougher, more detailed work flawlessly. Furthermore, this unit is so smooth in this case that you will be left with nothing to complain about.

4. The Adjustable Cutting Depth. 

Another feature that is extremely important in routers is the ability to adjust cutting depth. Don’t you think that it is the most important feature because the main job of a router is to hollow out or trim the wood? Most routers are equipped with this feature now but how much it allows you to adjust and how easily are factors that you have to consider.

This router allows you to set it to six positions when it comes to depth. You get an adjustable turret with a locking knob and a depth indicator knob. As you can imagine the action is quite straightforward and very easy to complete.

However, there are one problem customers faced with this feature. When you are using the router on a router table, the knob often gets a bit flimsy. A slight touch can change the depth of the cut. As a result, you may have to adjust it multiple times or get an inaccurate cutting height. But, that only happened with a few rare units.

5. The Various Options.

When buying this Porter Cable 895Pk router, you will find yourself with quite a few options. It will actually put your mind at rest a bit as you will not be missing out on anything. In fact, you have the option to buy just the router, to buy it with the plunge base, with the premium straight edge guide, or with the template guide kit.

You see it is available in almost every way you want it to be available. While the price will vary depending on what you choose, it is still worth using with a part that perfectly matches its dimensions and type.

6. The Dust Collection Feature. 

When you are working with wood, it is natural to get irritated by dust a bit. However, when a problem occurs for too long, the best solutions are found by people who care. Similarly, when routing, one common problem faced was dust. As a result, people solved it by adding various features to the router.

The plunge base in this tool offers through the column dust collection. This feature works quite well creating no trouble for you at all. In fact, it helps by improving your view of the cut.

Not only can you be more accurate when cutting but you can be quite neat when working too. Because this feature helps you collect the dust in the neatest possible way.

7. The Design and Build of the Router. 

This is the router that is quite easy to use just because it is designed so well. From wide spaces to narrow ones, you can navigate easily using this router. In fact, it has a shape that allows you to do so. Furthermore, almost everything can be controlled from above once you set it.

One problem you may or may not face is with the depth. Apparently, when you lock the router in place, there may be a gap that exists. So, you will have to adjust the cutting depth accordingly.

Other than that, the router is actually built quite well with great quality materials. In fact, it has brass bushings and steel rod guides which keep it functioning smoothly. Apparently, it is quite adept at dealing with rust and other harmful stuff.

However, according to some customers, the porter cable 895pk router quality is not fully represented through this router. In fact, there are some cheap plastic parts that nobody is fond of. But, there haven’t been many reports on parts falling apart or breaking. It is mostly by touching the router that people are coming to such conclusions.

Other than that, you also have the dimensions and weight to consider. The router weighs around 12.7 pounds with a height of 18.3 and a base of 5-3/4 inches. All this makes it quite a flexible and light unit to deal with. You will rarely feel tired when using this unit. As a result, you will be always able to give you the best and create the most beautiful things.

8. The Handle. 

This is where you get in contact with the router in the first place. If the handle is uncomfortable to deal with, you won’t be able to use the router just the way you like. Luckily the handle coming with this router is not at all uncomfortable.

It is shaped and placed in a way that makes using the whole router easy for you. Furthermore, the handle is comfortable to hold. In fact, it also provides you with a good grip so that it does not slip away when you are working for long- as your hands will be sweaty.

9. The Accessories that the Unit Includes.

Firstly, this unit comes fully organized with a carrying case in which it resides safely. Within the case, you will find 1/4 and 1/2-inch self-releasing collects that are quite necessary for a router. You will also find a wrench, a dust collection insert, a tabletop height-adjusting handle, and a transparent sub-base.

This is pretty much everything you need to begin working with the router. Apart from that, it does come with a manual. But, most people wish that the manual was better at explaining things.

10. The Price and Warranty. 

When it comes to the price, this unit is quite a reasonably priced one. In fact, with porter cable 895pk router quality, you can rely on this unit to last for quite a while.

Furthermore, it comes backed with a warranty. So, you can have the confidence that if you face any problems then they will be taken care of.


  • A very quiet motor yet an extremely powerful one.
  • The Soft start is itself a safety feature.
  • The speed is very easy to adjust.
  • The depth adjustments are also quite easy to adjust.
  • Dust collection saves you from a lot of after-work and also enables a better view.
  • Sub-base is a great feature with its own useful features.
  • Quite light and easy to maneuver.
  • The operation is very straightforward.
  • It comes with everything included.
  • You can combine it with useful parts.
  • It has built-in lights to make things more visible.
  • The handle is comfortable to use.
  • Reasonable price.


  • While the cord is long, the unit is not cordless.
  • It locks in place well but with a bit of a gap.
  • The depth adjusting lever can be quite flimsy, changing the depth setting very easily.
  • It has plastic parts that many are not fond of.
  • The manual is not very clear.

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Porter Cable 895PK Review: Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you switch from a fixed base to a plunge base?

Answer: Yes, you can. Furthermore, it is quite easy to switch the base. All you have to do is flip the lever at the base, take the motor out, insert it into the other base and tighten the lever. Very basic, isn’t it?

2. What is the difference between Porter Cable 895Pk and 894Pk?

Answer: While the base is the same- it is the features that these two models differ in. Apparently, the 894PK includes the base and the Grip-Vac handle with dust collection capabilities but does not have the above-the-table adjustment feature. On the other hand, 895Pk Has the base but not the Grip-Vac feature that provides dust collection. But, it has the above-the-table height adjustment feature.

3. Can you use it with a router table?

Answer: Well, actually, it is best if you use it with a router table.

Final Notes

Porter-Cable router 895pk is quite a famous brand when it comes to power tools. You can not only rely on its quality but on its design as well. Whatever it produces is easy to handle, effective, and also durable.

However, when it comes to features, not all of them will be the best. You need to select the features that matter most to you and based on that select a model perfect for you. The porter cable router 895Pk has its strengths and also weaknesses. Now, if the weaknesses do not cause much trouble for you- feel free to spend a reasonable amount of money to enjoy the performance.