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Top 6 Best Wood Router Under $100

If you are thinking of adding the speed of your productivity, then you need nothing but a wood router. It does not only help you in wood routing but also offers you several benefits to enjoy.

But we also understand that it takes time to grab a perfect one among a variety of options. And we also understand how important the budget factor is.Thus, we have picked only 6 of the Best Wood Router Under 100 that has all the qualities that you want in the tool.

We hope by the end of the write-up, you will be able to settle on one of them to own.

Best Wood Router Under $100

Top 6 List Best Wood Router Under $100

We have listed the Best Wood Router Under $100 above but if you want to know details of each product; please scroll below and explore them.

You will find yourself matching the speed with any project once you use the optimum speed of  Makita RT0701C. It features 1.25 HP aluminum motor having variable speed control dial that operates ranging from 10,000 to 30,000 RPM.

Its fine depth adjustment system lets you enjoy a more accurate setting that you wish for. Yes, the limitation is that you may lose your current setting while making an adjustment. The router offers easy base changes plus depth adjustment thanks to the quick release cam lock system.

Moreover, it comes with electronic speed control that helps maintain the consistency of speed under load. Its soft start feature is bliss since you will be provided with a smoother start up offering reduced tremble and force making it the best wood router under 100.

The router comes with base that is very compatible with different template guides as long as they are industry standard. It also offers quick removal and installation of base. Moreover, the router has designed the base with high visibility to deliver improved handling as well.


  • Powerful with slow start.
  • Maintains speed consistency with variation of speed.
  • Base can accept different template guides.
  • High visibility base design.


  • Adjusting the depth will make you lose your current setting.

With R1631K, you can enjoy the advantage of its 3 bits included by offering you accurate detailing, molding and cutting. It comes with 1/4-Inch Radius Round-over, 5/32-Inch Roman Ogee and 5/16-Inch Straight Cut that make it an ideal ‘all-in-one starter-kit.’

The best part is that this wood router comes with inbuilt LED lights. They let you see the cut and view the project simultaneously while illuminating the area.

There will be a button that requires a push to make quick fluid depth adjustments. The brand has designed it with quick locking technology to make you tweak measurements in record time. The button has been stated to be a bit flimsy as per users, but that’s a small con.

The router features 2 handles offering you comfort grip while having attached to the base. We would call it a smart design since it helps prevent body aches. Plus, it also features integrated polyethylene chip guard that helps you fight the war on wood with a second layer of defense against different materials, be it  plywood, birch,balsa,oak or maple.

The router is able to cut through up to 2-inch deep at 25,000 RPM ensuring a smooth woodworking performance. The motor would operate with 8.5 amp that also serves the same benefit making it the best wood router under 100.


  • 3 bits included offer accuracy of task.
  • LED lights provide visibility.
  • Handles offer comfortable grip while preventing body aches.
  • Polyethylene chip guard offers material and woodworker safety.


  • The depth adjustment button is a little flimsy.

Bosch PR20EVS is all about power that enables it to be the best wood router under 100.

With 1 HP and 5.6amp motor, the router is able to operate at a variable speed from 16,000rpm to 35,000rpm. Hence, smooth operation is ensured. You will also be provided with constant response circuitry. Its job will be to maintain a consistent speed with detection of heavy loads and increase of power. Hence, the router will help in maintaining the selected speed range.

The router furthermore comes with solid aluminum fixed base offering durability and precision and enhancing bit capacity. It also comes with innovative finger support pockets that help add stability while it trims edges.

You will love its depth adjustment system since it lets you make both macro and micro adjustment quickly and accurately. There will also be a quick clamp system that triggers the motor to be adjusted with ease while making it move from one base to other.

However, some of the users felt that the shaft lock has been designed poorly since it does not lock properly. So it can be a con for you.The router comes equipped with soft start circuitry that helps in reducing startup torque while ensuring less tremble and speed increments during operation.

Plus, it features versatile bit change system that lets you change bit quick by using a spindle lock and a wrench.

However, there is a tricky part that some users did not get edge guide with the product even though the model is advertised having it. Basically, it depends on the model code. Make sure that you check the model code, because the router will be same but different codes come with different accessories. With PR20EVS, you may not get an edge guide.

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  • Offers precise and smooth cuts.
  • Variable speed and control.
  • Soft start motor offers reduced startup torque.
  • Depth adjustment and base movement will be easy.


  • Shaft lock button does not lock properly.

Even P601 One+ by Ryobi is able to be the best wood router under 100 with its design.

Coming in cordless, the router offers you the freedom you want for operating it without moving around the outlet. It runs over 18 Vlithium ion batteries that can be operated for hours without any interruption. The battery models that will be compatible with this tool are P 100, P 102, P 103, P 104, P 105, P107, and P108. So make sure to check them up.

Another great thing about the router is its LED lights. They will lit up the low light environment and add visibility to your area so you can do your job conveniently.

The router also features a firm grip with Grip zone over mold. It has been designed with rubber coating so you can enjoy firm handling no matter if your hand or the tool is slippery.

You can also adjust the depth of your cuts with the use of knob that is easy to use and handle. The best part is that it comes with ID markings that enable you to understand the exact depth of the current task.

Plus, it features a solid base made of aluminum that helps in keeping the power router stable. So, you can get to do different projects around your worksite.The router also helps you with your woodworking skills and projects at a whopping speed of 29,000rpm.

The only issue you will be facing is its noise. It may vibrate a lot and that can make it noisy during operation.


  • Freedom of movement and portability.
  • LED light brighten up environment.
  • Grip-zone over-mold offers firm handling.
  • ID markings tell you the exact depth of current task.


  • The router makes annoying noise.

With 6033 by WEN, you canmake intricate patterns in both interior and exterior of your work-pieces.The unit comes with 15amp motor that spins at a variable speed ranging from 8,000 to 23,000rpm so you can enjoy a smooth operation.

There will be 1/2 inch collet coming with an extra 1/4 inch adapter that makes the router compatible with a wider range of bits.

Moreover, the router comes with both fixed and plunge base so you can get to enjoy all the perks both offer. While fixed base offers easy depth adjustment, plunge offers the same with more flexibility. There will also be a spring-loaded base that helps in transition between both the bases. The job will be easy.

Furthermore, the router comes with soft start that helps in preventing damage to the material and expand its lifespan. It also helps reduce use of force as soon as the router is activated.

It also offers added precision thanks to its 7-stop turret that comes equipped with a dial to make both macro and micro adjustments.

The fine-tune adjustment dial advances 1/128 of an inch per quarter turn, while the depth adjustmentdial would stop at 5/16 of an inch per quarter turn.

The router will also help create grooves and dadoes along with the work-pieces thanks to the guide fence that allows you to rout straight lines precisely.

You will also get a template guide to create complex shapes, a profile guide so you can rout edges of curvy work-piece and a e centering pin to cut circles.The only problem with the router is that it is big that makes it a bit unwieldy.


  • Offers smooth transition between both the bases.
  • Soft start prevents damage.
  • 7-stop turret offers macro and micro-adjustments.
  • Comes with all the necessary accessories.


  • Big and chunky makes it very unwieldy.

MW104 by Avid Power shines bright with its smooth routing performances. It features 1.25 HP and 6.5amp motor so you haveabundant power for different trimming and routing jobs.

It comes with a dial that contains variable speed control which make the motor spin from 10,000rpm to 32,000rpm. As a result,you will get perfect speed for different projects.It also features a smooth depth adjustment system to ensure you have an accurate performance during different operations.

You will find dual LED lights with the router that are supposed to help illuminate the worksite but does not shine bright. So, you may get disappointed with this feature. The router comes with quick lock system.It helps you in base changes and depth adjustments conveniently.

The big plus is its dust hood. It willhelp remove dust so that you have a cleaner working space every time you are done with the job. Moreover, you will get rubber-covered base that helps in protecting the surface when in use.It also comes with an edge guide that lets you perform different customized projectswith ease.


  • Dust hood provides dust removal.
  • Base helps protect working surface.
  • Offers smooth operation with variable speed control.
  • Edge guide offers customized jobs.


  • LED light does not shine bright.

Buying Guide

Things to consider:


Wood routers are available in different sizes and shapes. We have highlighted the most common ones below.

  • Palm router is designed to fit the palm of your hand. It is ideal especially for smaller jobs. You can also transport and store it with ease.
  • Full-sized routeris able to spend most of its time in your jobsite due to its durability. It can be a very perfect type for heavy duty job.
  • Compact router is not only great for its compact size and easy to move feature but also great for its power level.

If you wish to use a router for heavy duty work, then you can go for a large sized router since its horsepower and motor will be hugely ideal for the operation. You can use bigger bits to cut through hard and large wood. Not only that, you can also work smoothly on tabletop while using bits with efficiency.

Meanwhile, you can go with small sized router if it’s for light work. With such router, you use a little piece of wood and work with it using small sized bits that can cut through the material with ease.

Motor and power

Majority of the modern routersrun on brushless motor. Itbasically runs quietly and also lasts longer. So, when looking for a motor, make sure it’s brushless.

Motor is measured by horsepower that shows both the power and workability of the router. The more the power, the smoother and easier to cut through hardwood a router will offer.Motor power starts from 1HP and requires 5amp for small wood router. Make sure that you keep the hardness of the material in mind as well.

However, heavier and higher horsepower is owned by bigger sized router only.It means, it can make your job a bit more complicated. Moreover, it also can ache your hand and make you feel exhausted real quick.

Outer Base:

Take purpose into consideration when selecting a base. Different models are designed for different tasks. Mostly, you will find two common base for the router. You can get either or both of them depending on your requirement. There are two types of bases that are found to be very common. One is fixed, while the other is plunge.

  • A fixed base is basically used on the router table. You can adjust the depth easily with a fixed base.
  • Meanwhile,a plunge base is used for hand-held jobs. Itworks great in making cuts in the mid of a material.

Speed Variation:

Speed variation offers work effectiveness while integrating with bit rotation. When the speed is slower, the bit will rotate slowly letting you cut through the wood slowly but easily. Meanwhile, when the speed is higher, the rotation of bit will intensify resulting in more removal of wood.

However, larger size bit comes handy in such situation since it makes the speed slower and give lesser pressure on motor.

Bits Size:

Bit is also available in different sizes. The most common sizes of bits come in between 0.25-inchto 0.5-inch. Make sure that you pick the ones that will go with the router and also will be suitable for your tasks.Basically, 0.5-inch sized bit is pretty easier to find in the market as experts commonly use it.

Moreover, you can also check the reviews of other experts to understand their use of certain bit.

Slow Start

We would surely suggest you to grab a wood router featuring slow start. It would mean that the router will not use its full force as you switch it on and activate it. This feature will help you adjust yourself to the power slowly and conveniently while preventing accidents.

Moreover, the sudden high speed can also make it hard to handle as well. Hence, this function benefits you with reducing the strain of motor while coping up well with handling large sized bits.

Dust Collection Port

It’s normal that router is likely to scatter a bunch of sawdust. As a result, it does not only spread around your worksite but also your lungs.

Hence, you need a dust collection system. It helps collect the dust and make the maintenance easier.So, make sure that you go with one where you can connect a dust collection system like shop vac. to the router for convenience.

Precise Adjustment Dials

The more adjustability the router will offer, the more accurately you can do the job. In such case, a dial comes handy. Almost all the modern routers come with such dials that provide you with several depth stops to handle a wide range of projects.

Corded or Cordless?

The best thing about corded wood router is that you can operate it endlessly. You don’t have to worry about it getting out of juice and stopped. However, you just have to be near an outlet, so, it’s not very portable.

Cordless wood router will be battery powdered. You can use it with freedom and take it anywhere you want without the need of an outlet. But, such router can run as long as it is not getting out of juice. Moreover, the router will also be quite heavier than corded ones since the battery adds more weight to the unit.

LED Lights

Many wood routers come with built-in LED lights that help a lot in illuminating the jobsite to offer comfortable visibility. The lights will definitely be handy if you work in lowlight condition. So, if you think that you are having to do your job in such environment, then you can pick a router with dual LED lights.

However, most of the lights may not be as bright as you want them to be. So, make sure to check their power out beforehand.

Electric Brakes

Electric brakes would let you stop the unitright away. If you want to maximize productivity or stop an accident to take place, it will be a great feature.


There are many wood routers that come with tool-less chuck changes. Such features are great since they let you maintain and alter chuck instantly.

However, if you think that you have picked a router but it does not have such feature, then make sure to find out the way bits are changed. While some of them need specific wrenches to do the job, some can be changed with tools that you are expected to own already.

Easy to use: 

Comfort is a very essential factor while you use a router. Make sure that the router you pick offers comfort no matter what project you are covering. You should create projects with added effectiveness with an ideal wood router. Also, make sure that it provides you with better handling and control as well.

Moreover, a great router should also help give you security. Keep the shape, size, and strength in mind while looking for a unit.Besides, you should also take the activation process into consideration. Make sure that the router is easy to start since it will offer fine routing and protection.

Wrap up!

A wood router helps a lot in adding efficiency to your woodworking project. If you want a tool that will serve the purpose while saving you time then a wood router makes a great choice.

We have highlighted both the positive and negative sides of each of the routers so that you get a clear picture of the tool.

Don’t worry, these cons are not something that you need to concern about. If you look at the benefits, you will understand how they outshine the cons.