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Best Plunge Router Reviews [10 Top Picks & Buying Guide] – Updated 2022

Top 10 Best Plunge Router Reviews

Have you ever questioned the efficiency of the tool you use in your cuttings, trimming, or laminate? If your answer is a resounding no, then it gives the reasons why you always end up disappointed. The efficiency and the quality you use are very critical in whichever task you partake in.

When it comes to trimming, laminating, and dovetail cutting things are not different. You will require the most efficient best plunge router to have smooth and precise cuts.

Nevertheless, it is hard to identify a professionally constructed router by a mere glass. That will probably force you to try out the router first, which is an option not available in the current market. How can you easily do away with is jargon? It is a real thorn in the flesh, but this article will leave you with lasting peace.

The content of this article sums up the most professionally constructed routers in the market, making a perfect best plunge router collection. All the highlighted tools have undergone testing and proven beyond any reasonable doubt to be worth your hard-earned dollars. Moreover, these tools have undergone countless reviews. Hence you got a solid reason to trust it.

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Best Plunge Router Review

Here’s a list of The 10 Best Plunge Router 

1. Bosch 1617EVSPK Wood Router Tool Combo


If you inquire from a professional about the best router to use for your laminating and cuttings, the Bosch wood router tool combo is the only suggestion you will get. This tool is commonly used everywhere across the world. It has a super firm construction that is beyond the normal standard. This tool promises smooth cuts and an easy time while using it. It is a highly versatile tool that has various applications such as precise plunging, slot cutting, edge forming, and more

Moreover, the Bosch plunge router is robustly crafted to ensure that it takes ages before it wastes away. It has an aluminum construction that is resistant to scratches. Besides, the wooden handles will offer a firm grip. The handles have a very smooth finish to ensure that you do not suffer blisters after long working hours.

What else do you require other than a fast-speed router? If that is all you need, then here is a perfect choice. This excellently constructed tool constant response circuit that will maintain a fast speed throughout the cut.

    Key Features

  • Super-versatile tool for varied applications
  • A firm construction for longevity
  • Super smooth handles
  • Easy-to-use tool for maximum control
  • Response circuit for constant fast speed
  • Accurate cuts


  • Lightweight tool for precise cuts
  • Handles are easy to operate
  • Available in the market at an affordable price
  • A soft-grip handle
  • Durable aluminum construction


  • Available in a single color



This tool offers a high level of versatility. It is suitable for a busy workshop that has different types of work. The base adjustments and all settings, in general, are very accurate.

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2. Plunge Router 22, 000 RPM, 3-1/4 HP by Makita


If you take long hours in your cuttings, you require the most convenient tool. The tool should promise no suffering to your hands. Such tools have a rubber construction in their handles for a soft grip. Where can you find such a tool that will allow you to work extra hours?

Makita Plunge router 22000rpm is a wonderfully constructed router that will offer not only long working hours but also light speed. It clears all the bushes in a blink of an eye with a simple operating lock trigger.

Besides, this tool has firm crafting to ensure that it is scratch-resistant. Also, it has a built-in two-finger switch to ensure that you have maximum control over your cuttings. This tool outstands every other tool with 22000rpm, which ensures that you finish your work within the given period. If you are a professional in cuttings, furniture cuttings, and craftsman, then this is your tool.

It has Makita plunge routers that offer maximum accuracy in edge-cutting. The increased plunge capacity is another feature of this tool that you will enjoy. Moreover, all its settings are straightforward for a trouble-free working environment.

   Key Features

  • Rubberized handles for added control
  • Lock-on trigger switch thus the continuous operation
  • Shaft lock hence trouble-free bit change
  • Ball bearings for clean cuts
  • Long-lasting flat-top design


  • Straightforward operations
  • Blister free handles
  • Fast-speed operating router
  • Linear ball bearing for smooth plunging
  • Multi functioning tool
  • Quick and easy installations


  • The switch lock requires improvements



This router has a very smooth handle that will guarantee long working hours. Plunging is quite simple and easy with linear ball bearings.

3. Triton TRA001 3-1/4 HP Dual Mode Precision Plunge Router by Triton


Any time we make a purchase, we focus on the tools that will promise longevity. There are a lot of things that we put into consideration to get a durable tool. Such considerations are an ultra-strong tool, scratch-resistant, and many more. If you require a real taste of an age-living tool that is highly useful, then purchase the world-recognized triton TRA001 3-1/4HP dual mode precision plunge router.

Moreover, this router has trouble-free operations. All its operations are straightforward and come with a manual that offers any needed information. Think of a superlight router that will reduce strain, a router that will offer soft grip handles. All that is well-described and shown by the triton router. The triton plunge router also minds your health. It has side air vents that take in all the dust to offer a clean working environment.

The biggest reason why you should purchase the triton plunge router is its automatic spindle lock. The automatic spindle lock is a symbol that you can easily shift the bits without any trouble. Don’t you require such an efficient tool? Surely you do. Get this router and have the assurance of soft variable speeds all through the activity.

   Key Features

  • A fast bit of changing the router
  • Recommendable speed for all clutters
  • Dust extraction for a clean environment
  • Auto shaft lock for efficiency
  • Safety power switch


  • Highly precise tool
  • Rack and pinion adjustments are thus very useful
  • Maximum protection from the cutting zone
  • Available at a throwaway price
  • Removable spring for maximum control


  • The speed control may die which prevents turning



Accuracy is what describes this tool. It has high visibility of the bits and rack and pinion for fine depth adjustments. It is a tool that you should not hesitate to purchase if you need excellence in your job

4. Hitachi KM12VC Variable Speed Fixed/Plunge Base Router Kit by Hitachi


I can’t get the best terms to describe this expert-constructed tool. It is an item from the top-performing Hitachi Company. This router has been available for ages now and is always on top of demand. Probably it is a result of the perfect manicure it offers to all its users

Durability is well-defined by this tool. It is of heavy-strength materials that are resistant to harsh conditions. The straightforward operations of this tool will ensure that you enjoy every second while using it. Hitachi variable plunge router has 2 stage motor release clamp. The well-fashioned motor promises accurate depth adjustments for precision

Any time we need to focus on an activity, we only consider a serene environment. Workshops are known to be noisy places. Nevertheless, you can use the Hitachi plunge router to bring the needed difference. This fantastic router operates in a silent environment, which will guarantee a quiet working area for maximum concertation.

   Key Features

  • Accurate base adjustments
  • Constant fast speed
  • Operates in a noiseless environment
  • Super comfortable and highly portable
  • Compatible with various bits


  • Offers precise depth control
  • Handles have an ergonomic design
  • Super light tool
  • A tool that observes user safety
  • A full kit that will ensure smooth cuts


  • It has a limited warranty



Reduce fatigue in your working place by purchasing this super light plunge router. It has very ergonomic handles that will ensure you have maximum control while using it. It is a recommendable tool for all professionals.

5. DEWALT Router Variable Speed


Here comes another router that will ensure you enjoy every single second in your workshop. It has all you require from a professionally constructed best plunge router. To verify, let us discuss some of the favorite features that will simplify your work. It has a depth adjustment ring to ensure that you reach the optimum accuracy required. The adjustment works vertically thus be keen not to make any errors.

Secondly, the Dewalt plunge router has a tool-free cam lock. The cam lock has motor steel, which is very efficient and lasts forever. Hence your base changes are faster and trouble-free. Moreover, this recommendable router has a well-crafted collection of different widths to allow versatility.

The motor of this best plunge router is super powerful. It has an electronic speed to ensure that you can cut through the toughest hardwood. Besides, it ensures that the cutting process is super-fast. Moreover, the sub-base promises bit visibility and also increases its durability. It is a lovable tool that will ensure that the working environment is always trouble-free.

   Key Features

  • Improved cut-line visibility
  • Depth adjustments are trouble-free
  • The plunge lever is easy to reach
  • Free from dust ingestion
  • Appropriate design to avail the cut line


  • Extracts all the dust from the environment
  • Operates in a noiseless environment
  • It offers a bit of visibility
  • Routing is super easy with this tool
  • A super-fast motor


  • It does not have a centering tool



This plunge router has an efficient dust control that will prevent dust ingestion. It is recommendable to anyone with health problems such as dust allergies. It observes your safety and will offer a safe working environment.

6. DEWALT DW621 2-Horsepower Plunge Router


Routing is known to come with a lot of dust. Ingestion of large amounts of dust may pose some breathing problems. However, there is a safe way of avoiding the ingestion of dust for good health during the entire working period.

Some of the routers have inbuilt dust in traction that sucks all the dust in your working area to prevent air pollution. The Dewalt DW621 2-horsepower plunge router is a good example of a professionally crafted router that will offer clean air

Moreover, the Dewalt horsepower plunge router has an electronic speed; such a fast speed allows you to cut through the toughest hardwoods easily. Purchasing this best plunge router promise efficiency in your workshop. It has greatly enhanced features to ensure that all the usage is a walkthrough. Turn your workshop into a relaxing place by purchasing it at an affordable price.

It is sturdily equipped with a pinion and a rack to allow fast and accurate base adjustments. Besides, a well-crafted dust collection system not only promises a clean environment but also ensures high visibility of the bits. The knobs of this router have a rubber coating to allow you to have maximum control of the router.

   Key Features

  • A super-enhanced dust collection system
  • The rubber coating on the knobs for maximum control
  • Gigantic powerful motor
  • Offers superior visibility of the bits
  • Versatile for multiple functions


  • Efficiently removes all the chips
  • A feather-light router
  • 100% efficient router thus highly recommendable
  • All the adjustments are trouble-free
  • Electronic speed for tough cuts


  • The operations may require expertise



This Dewalt router has a sturdy construction for durability. The dust collection sucks all the dust from the environment. It is highly recommendable for tough cuts due to its super-powerful motor rating.

7. Makita RT0701CX7 1-1/4 HP Compact Router Kit


Are you looking for the perfect router to purchase? Do you need a router that can easily offer a smooth cut on tough wood? If there was a nod in the last few seconds, you got the right item at your disposal. The Makita RTO701CX7 HP best compact router is a product of the Makita manufacturers that will ensure you solve all your problems in the workshop.

This compact router has a very wise construction. It has an ergonomic design for easy and stress-free handling. Moreover, it has a compatible design which ensures it takes little space while storing. The efficiency of this tool is beyond the average standard. It has easy operation pinion and rack for accuracy in the base adjustments.

As if the well-chosen design of this tool is not enough, it is made better by the super-powerful m motor. The motor has a rating of up to 30000RPM to ensure that it cuts through all the woods in the workshop. The base installations and removal are quite easy to promise straightforward operations.  It is a tool that can be used by everyone including professionals and beginners. Also, it has a quite firm construction that guarantees its durability

   Key Features

  • Super powerful motor for all woods
  • A firm construction to make it long living
  • Electronic speed in your workshop
  • Effortless settings
  • A soft start feature


  • The perfect base design for visibility
  • The handling of this toll is trouble-free
  • The base removal and installations are fast
  • It has a quick-release cam
  • Fantastic for smooth cuts


  • The warranty does not apply if the tool is poorly-operated



This tool is recommendable for any tough cuts. It has super powerful motors for fantastic cuts and operates in a silent mode. The base installations are quite easy thus trouble-free handling.

8. DEWALT Router with So Start Kit

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Dewalt DW618K 2-1/4 HP electronic variable speed fixed-base router with so start kit is my favorite tool in my workshop. It gives me a reason every morning to work knowing I am in a stress-free tool. Nothing feels good like having good results for the work you have done. In my workshop, I don’t have to strain to have these excellent results because my fantastic best plunge router got me.

I have used this tool for a decade now, and it has not even a single scratch. It is a rust-resistant tool with a gigantic construction that makes it long to live. The motor ratings of this best plunge router are super high; hence, tough cuts are not a bother.

Nevertheless, the handles have fantastic crafting that does away with all fatigue in your area of work. The amazing thing is I didn’t have to incur an expensive cost for this tool. It is available in the market thus you can easily purchase it

The base adjustments of this tool are straightforward with the greatly-enhanced features. It is a tool that has a well-choice of design and consequently, super high performance. The bit’s visibility is possible, and its storage is not a problem with the compatible design. Get all your cuts perfect with the Dewalt router.

   Key Features

  • Electronic variable speed
  • Stress-free base removal and installations
  • The rack and pinion offer accurate settings
  • Firm construction for longevity
  • Compatible design for small storage space


  • Available at an affordable cost
  • The base is firm and stable
  • Well-constructed handles
  • Fast speed for all cuts
  • A quick-release motor


  • Mounting the router to a router table might be tedious



It is an item of Dewalt plunge router manufacturers that has a firm construction. All its operations are simple; thus, it is highly recommendable. The settings of this router are super accurate. A fantastic tool with electronic variable speed

9. Triton MOF001 2 HP Dual Mode Precision Plunge Router

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Triton plunge router has been making precision-based plunge routers for the last 35 years and one of their best products is undoubtedly MOF001 2 Precision Plunge Router. This Triton plunge router offers everything a professional and homeowner would want for their woodworking job.

This plunge router is an ideal option for both handheld and table-mounted uses. Its easy control and convenient adjustability make it a perfect choice for various craftsmanship. It starts slowly which allows the user to control the power tool with more confidence.

Its 2.25 HP is powerful enough to accomplish most jobs with ease. Whereas, the variable RPM speed ensures that you can shape a wide range of materials with different bits. This is particularly good for making intricate shapes.

Also, you can transform the power tool from a plunge to a fixed one based on the pressing of a button only. This is so convenient that will make you feel privileged.

   Key Features

  • A power machine is an ideal option for table-mounted and handheld use.
  • Its transition from plunge to the fixed-based router is pretty easy.
  • It enjoys simple yet high-quality control.


  • Easy transition
  • Variable speed control
  • Versatile use
  • Top-notch performance


  • Over designed switch



You will fall in love with its micro-adjustment and dust collection system.

10. Bosch MRC23EVSK Combination Router


Bosch MRC23EVSK is originally an electric modular that combines the power of a plunge and a fixed base router for perfect woodworking tasks. Its trigger system with a convenient switch gives the artisans outstanding control at work.

The best plunge router has a variable speed setup that you can change easily with a dial or knob. So, you will enjoy the easy shifts between different RPMs. Its bit-depth adjustment is matched with the advanced After lock micro-fine technology to give users an easy and comfortable plunge router kit setting.

Additionally, the design is entirely focused on pinpoint precision. So, you will get the best cutting and shaping experience with this router.

What’s more, its 2.3 horsepower machine is capable of accomplishing most woodworking tasks effortlessly. The 15 AMP motor gives supreme power with a variable speed between 10,000-25,000 RPM. The cut is constant due to its Constant Response.

Its LEDs are always on that increase the visibility and also, and you can collect the specks of dust through the tiny hole. So, the workpiece remains clean all the time.

   Key Features

  • It has a powerful motor with speed variability.
  • Both fixed and plunge bases enjoy better control.
  • The cutting and shaping operation is smooth and comfortable.
  • The package includes all the essential tools.


  • Smooth operation
  • Easy transition
  • Variable speeds
  • Soft start


  • Works with 120 V only.



If you love precision at work and want a power tool on a tight budget, we strongly recommend you this Bosch router.

Buyers Guide

In the current past, there has been immense growth in the manufacturing sector whereby best plunge router manufacturing was the major sector. This has led to multiple items in the market. As a result, it has been quite a compromising situation to identify the most high-quality router.

In this section, there are highlights on the things that you should put into consideration to ensure you got an efficient toll. All the below factors are very critical and not even one should be compromised.

top rated plunge routers


There are some specific aspects that your router should have to promise a high-quality tool. The first is firm construction. The high-quality router should be of high-strength materials to offer resistance to scratches and rust.

best plunge router

Also, a high-quality tool should have a fantastic design. It includes an ergonomic and compatible design. An ergonomic design promises trouble-free handling of the router. A compatible design of the router ensures that it takes quite a small storage space. Thus it is of great need to ensure you have an ideal router by considering its quality

Motor Rating

Motor ratings are very crucial on any router that you choose to spend your cash on. Do you know why the motor ratings are essential?  If yes, I have the answer. The motor ratings determine the type of wood you can cut through. For thick woods, you should ensure that the motor rating is super high.

However, if you are dealing with thin-cutting materials, any motor rating will be fine. Also, the motor ratings determine the speed of the plunge router kit. High ratings offer a fast electronic router thus very convenient for time-saving areas. The motor effectively defines the efficiency of the router hence it is not a compensable factor

Weight Of The Router

Routing comes with a lot of fatigue. In consideration that you will require to handle the router during the entire working process, you should consider a mechanism that will help in reducing fatigue. One of the most common mechanisms is purchasing a superlight router.

A feather-light route will reduce the strains in your hands consequently reduction in the resulting fatigue. Note that you do not necessarily require multiple dollars to have such a tool in your workshop. At a very affordable price purchase any of the above ultra-light routers for fatigue reduction.

Accurate Settings

There are a lot of features that influence the accuracy of your setting. For example, if you require accurate base settings, you should ensure that your route has a rack and pinion. Some of the routers have a fantastic base design to ensure clear visibility of the cutline. As a result, such recommendable routers promise clean and straight cuts.

In the section above, there are highlights on the awesome routers that will ensure that you have accurate settings.  A router that promises maximum control while using it will do you good. Remember that any router that you take in your workshop promises accurate settings to ensure that you are top-rated personnel.

Frequently Asked Questions And Their Answers

Do you have any troubling questions regarding routers? If yes, this section conveniently covers all your problems. It offers answers to the frequently asked question to ensure you are clear on the type of router you need to purchase, also it has all the additional information about the common features of a professionally constructed router.

Q1. Can I get a router with an efficient dust collection system?

Workshops are common areas that have a lot of dust and chips. Dust may bring health problems, thus a need for a better way to get rid of it. A fantastic way of doing away with dust from routing is purchasing a router that has a professional-level dust collection system.

Such routers will suck all the dirt in your air to avail clean breathing in air. It is a factor that you should never compromise. Multiple routers have dust collection but the most outstanding router is the Dewalt horsepower plunge router. It is an item from the Dewalt manufacturers that avails a clean environment with an excellent dust-sucking system.

Q2. I have trouble with base installations and removal what should I do?

Base installations and removal are a real thorn in the flesh. It is an inescapable procedure for you will have to remove or install the base of the router after some time. Nonetheless, some routers have an easy-to-remove and install base.

Such routers are available in the market at a very affordable price. An example of such a tool is the Makita compact router. This router has excellent features that ensure that you can easily have the base in its place. Moreover, it is a highly recommendable router due to its quick-release cam lock.

Q3. Is there a router that has a compatible design?

Compatibility is a very critical feature that is not debatable if you have a limited working area. Hence you should consider purchasing an item that will take little storage space. Some of the routers have shapes such as cylindrical to ensure the required storage space is quite small.

Other routers have a compatible design that naturally guarantees less of your storage space. Among the above-highlighted tools that have a high level of compatibility are the Dewalt products. Purchase any of them to solve this problem.

Q4. What is the use of a router?

Routers are common tools in every workshop. They are tools used for precise cutting, laminating, and deck building. However, it has multiple functioning; hence, there are many more uses. Routers are available in different designs according to their intended purposes.

They have varied motor ratings with routers used for thick woods with the highest rating. In this article, there are highlights on the most recommendable routers that you can purchase. If you are a first-time user, all the highlighted tools have smooth operations; thus, you will be perfect in a short while.


It makes no sense to spend long hours to have poorly done work at the end. Being a person who pursues excellence, we tend to input all possible strengths to ensure we have excellent work. Nevertheless, most are the times you will end up disappointed if that is the only thing you regard for work well done.

The output of any work is well-defined by the personnel and the tool that you will be using. After polishing your work skills, the type of tool greatly determines if you will do a recommendable job. When it comes to routing things are not different. For the perfect manicure of the woods, the quality of the router is not debatable. A high-quality best plunge router promise durability and high performance

Motor racing is the other thing you should put into consideration. A powerful router will allow you to cut through thick cuts easily. Also, it guarantees a fast speed cut for maximum productivity. If you have breathing problems, consider getting a toll on that.

Moreover, this article has the top-rated routers that are regarded as the best plunge routers. They are all from well-doing manufacturing companies that promise fantastic tools always. Don’t hesitate to purchase any of the tolls for amazing productivity.