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Best Triton Tra001 Review

When you have an idea and you are in the mood to turn it into reality, nothing can stop you. While you have that determination that nothing can stop you- at times some tools can act as a great obstacle. In fact, nature itself can act as a great obstacle.

The satisfaction from creation is incomparable. Coming up with creative ideas is a tough task and turning these ideas into the best possible reality requires support. This support does not only come from people but also from the tools you use.

While everyone can use the primitive manual tools to get the job done- these tools are both time-consuming and require high levels of expertise. That is why, today most people depend on electric, easy to use tools. However, when there is power involved, there are flaws and complexities involved. So, you have to choose your tool carefully. Best tool Triton tra001 review for newbie 

When you are dealing with wood, you can route or hollow up or cut the piece of wood with routers. There are mainly plunge routers and fixed base routers. You have to make difficult choices, choose one, and make sure you use it perfectly to experience the delight.

Best Triton Tra001 Review

Top 10 Advantages Triton TRA001 Router

Triton Tra001 is a router that makes almost everything in the woodworking life easier for you. If you have been here for a while then you know the name as well. But, is it something for you?

In order to figure that out, you need to know everything about this router you can. That is exactly what we will help you do. Let’s get to know the features, what people like and dislike, and our final thoughts on this product through the Triton Tra001 review.

Let’s check out the features of this router that make it so great and famous.

1. A Two in One Router. 

Since the beginning of your life, you have been asked to make choices. Sometimes people asked you who you like more between the two of your parents, other times people asked you to choose between passion and career. To your surprise, Triton Tra001 despite its limitations does not ask you to that.

In fact, you get to enjoy both types of router through this one router. It is both a plunge and a fixed-based router. Apparently, you can shift between the two modes. Now, you may be thinking what is the difference between the two types of routers.

The difference is quite easy to understand- the plunge router lets you plunge the router to the wood, you can move the router to do your job. It offers you more flexibility and versatility.

On the other hand, a fixed-based router requires you to hold it in place while you move around it or move the wood with it. You require both for different kinds of woodwork. It is handy to use one router in both ways.

Another concern people have usually is how hard is it to change the mode. Apparently, it is not hard at all! All you have to do is click a button to shift the mode. Lastly, the fixed base router ha a pinion and rack mode.

2. The Outstanding Power of the Motor. 

If you are looking for routers that deal with extremely hardwoods then you are looking at the right one. In fact, the power of this router will astound you. And, so will the speed that comes with power.

The router comes with a motor power of 3 1/4 horsepower. In fact, this is quite a lot of power and it requires 15 amperes to function. These are just numbers to you until you find out the speed at which this router is capable of performing.

In fact, it has the lowest speed of 8000 RPM and the highest of 21,000 RPM. Yes, you can adjust the speed and all this speed is quite efficient and also effective. Furthermore, there has been no problem whatsoever with the speed of this product. It is accurate, ample, and also very smooth.

You can trust the quality and precision provided by thus router brand. Because even the professionals trust the precision of this router.

3. The Easy and Accurate Depth Adjustment. 

When it is a plunge router we are talking about- the depth adjustment feature is a must. What matters is how much does this feature allows you to adjust, how precisely and how easily? Apparently, the Triton Tra001 router has delightful answers to each of those questions.

You can adjust the depth by 2/3/5 inches. And, it uses a micro winder to help you adjust the depth. Now, you know what micro means- so you can pay great attention to details when working with this router. Furthermore, it is one of the easiest routers to change the depth of.

All you have to do is turn a knob. Even the numbers provided to guide you are very clear to see. All these will help you when you have to deal with different kinds of wood and also work on different kinds of designs.

4. The Speed Adjustment. 

Having the freedom to adjust the speed is very important when you take your woodwork seriously. In fact, you should always select routers with variable speed. This Triton Tra001 router takes speed control to a different level using electronic speed control.

As you know, anything electronic makes everything easier. So, controlling the speed that too accurately will be a piece of cake for you with this router.

5. A Soft Start. 

Every time you start a power tool, you are extra careful, aren’t you? In fact, you have good reason to be. Power tools are powerful and can be dangerous. They are supposed to work on harder objects so if starting it suddenly makes you jump and makes you drop it- anything bad can happen.

Triton paid attention to this factor and made the start a soft one. You won’t be startled and neither will you drop the tool. These features also help to eliminate kickbacks. So, Triton deals with the fear most people have when working with power tools.

6. Other Safety Features. 

It’s not just your fear that Triton is capable of taking care of. In fact, it is quite capable of taking care of you. Apparently, you do agree that a router can be a dangerous tool if not used properly.

Therefore, this Triton Tra001 router comes with a safety lock switch. This switch keeps the router in a locked condition. Furthermore, it also has the anti-auto-start feature to protect you from, well, auto starts.

Power tools usually have some safety standards that they must follow. You will be pleased to know that the Triton Tra001 pretty much follows all of them.

7. The Side Vent. 

When you are cutting or working with wood, it is quite obvious that you will end up creating a lot of wood dust. In fact, while tools that deal with wood should not be affected by wood dust- they are affected in the long run. That is why you have to buy something that lasts despite the dust.

The Triton Tra001 is one such router. Apparently, it has a side vent that takes care of the dust. The dust is blocked form entering inside the tool. As a result, the internal parts are in the same condition as before. With less dirt getting in, the durability of the machine is improved.

Apart from that, this also causes the dust to accumulate over the tool. This is one of the common problems users of the Triton Tra001 face- dust accumulation. But, it’s not that big of a problem as it causes no great harm.

8. The Handle. 

The Triton Tra001 has a rounded handle that is kind of elevated a bit higher than other brands. This is usually a personal preference but at times you may find the height a bit new to deal with. The handle will require some getting used to.

Apart from that, the grip of the handle is excellent. When you are working for too long, your hands may get sweaty. In such cases, the rubberized grip of the Triton Tra001 handle comes really handy. It will never slip out.

9. The Build of the Unit. 

Well, the Triton Tra001 mostly consists of plastic parts. However, it is still quite durable as the plastic is quite strong. In fact, the layers of plastic protect the interior complex mechanisms form the dust. This is not a unit that will break easily.

Other than that, it weighs about 13 pounds so it is quite easy to deal with. You won’t get tired when dealing with it. Furthermore, it is a small unit too- totally not a burden to work with.

10. The Accessories that it comes with. 

Triton is actually quite generous when it comes to providing what is necessary. In fact, it includes everything you need in the package. You get the router, winder for using the router on a table, two collets, also a wrench. Furthermore, it comes with its own fence system.

You see, it includes everything you may need to use the router in any way you want. However, you may not be satisfied with how the collet performs. The quality of the accessories may just not be the best. But, their inclusion at the price and with the router itself is itself quite admirable.

Triton Tra001 Review: Pros and Cons


  • A very powerful unit that can deal with hardwoods easily.
  • Although powerful it makes the tasks much easier because of the ease of use it provides.
  • Includes everything you might need in its package.
  • The height is adjustable and the method of adjustment is very easy with the micro winder.
  • It has the variable speed that too electronic.
  • It has a number of safety features to deal with fear and also prevent accidents.
  • Although made of mostly plastic- it is quite a durable and strong unit.
  • It has features that increase its durability- the side vent.
  • The lighter weight helps to not get the user tired.
  • It has a small footprint.
  • It does not make you take a tough decision- a two-in-one router.
  • It offers great value for the money.


  • The dust accumulates on top of it which often obstructs the view.
  • It may arrive with missing nuts and bolts.
  • At times it may not work properly with parts getting stuck.
  • The accessories may not be very accurate.
  • The handle may need some getting used to.

Triton Tra001 Review: Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the size of the collets?

Answer: The size of the collets is 1/2 inches and 1/4 inches. There may be confusion regarding the mention of 12 mm in some cases. Apparently, teh 1/2 inches the collets in its uncompressed state whereas the 12 mm is because of the four slots around the circumference.

2. Is it possible to remove the handles?

Answer: No, the handles are attached to the router. Furthermore, it plays an important role when adjusting the router.

3. Can you remove the motor?

Answer: No, you cannot remove the motor. Also, you should have no reason to.

4. What is the voltage of this unit?

Answer: On US standard the voltage is 120V-60Hz. While for others you can tell it to be 220V-240V according to the manual.

In Conclusion

If you have noticed carefully then you have seen that the Triton Tra001 has more pros than cons. Apparently, the few cons it has are not quite noticeable even. Dust is a problem with almost any router out there. You are dealing with wood here and cutting it to be exact- of course, there will be dust!

Other than that, the brand is true to its word. The router does everything it is supposed to do and quite flawlessly as well. It even meets the power standards. Furthermore, it is easy to use the unit even for beginners. The price is reasonable as well.