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How To Cut a Circle With A Router

How To Cut a Circle With A Router

Cutting a Circle with a Router Guide


Whenever you decide to design something, the accurate measurement and the skills pay a major role in getting the outcome you desire. In this article, we will instruct you on how to make an easy and instruct you on how to cut a circle with a router using a beam trammel accurately and efficiently. one thing you need to know router bit for cutting circles .

While there are plenty of pre-made circles available on the market, getting one with the right size can be very daunting. Most of them usually have very a wide radius or simply plenty of holes opening which a quite annoying.

Not to forget mentioning their expensive price. So why the hassle when you can do it yourself with some little guidance and instruction and with your own router. Once you get to the basic thing when it comes to cutting a circle with a router, you can apply the method to any circles’ size. Plus, it’s a lot of fun.

Important note: It is VERY important to put safety in mind when you are dealing with power devices workshops. They can be quite dangerous if they are not used in the right way. That’s why we recommend that you take all the safety essentials, and gets to get to learn about the tool before using it. Stop using the power tool if you found yourself uncomfortable or incapable of handling it.


Now the question is how to cut a circle with a router?

Before we proceed with the answer guideline for this question, let us briefly know more about the router and what does it mean.

What is a rout er?

In the cabinetry, whenever you are using hard material like hard plastic or wood, for example, a rooter can be a great power device that can help you scoop out and root a certain spot on the surface of the material. Generally, the rooters are commonly used in wood-operations and they are usually, fixed on an end-cutting router board.

The spindle router which is a typical router is composed of support covering, an electric motor that is installed on the vertical level and a collet. In order to enable a good projection, the bit can be adjustable to the rights and adequate height via a moderate hole that can be found on the horizontal base plate. The adjustment of the height can be varied from one router to another depending on the brand.

Commonly, there are two basic types of routers that you can find in the market; plunger and fixed.

Plunger wise, if you are using this type of router then you have to make sure that the base sole is set on the work face while the cutting bit is raised above the work face. Once the motor is powered, the cutter should be reduced to the level of the work.

Fixed wise: if you are using this type of router then you should make sure that the measurement of cut is fixed before the device is even powered. And in order to lessen the level of movement and vibration, the tool should be adjusted to its workbench or the rooter board.

How to cut a circle with a router?

In this case, circle cutting, we will be using a plunge router so it will be easier to use the beam trammel with it. However, if you are looking just to cut an arc that ends at both edges then maybe you can use a fixed rooter.

In most cases, a beam trammel comes as an accessory included with the rooter . But, if it is not included, you can easily find a fitting beam trammel as a separate element on the market. one more important topic
cutting small circles with a router .


Before you start:

  • Preserve your material

Usually, the beam trammels are fastened on the surface of the material by using a keen point. However, many people don’t like to mark their pieces with this pointer. In this case, you can simply; mount and fix your router and beam trammel to the bottom side of your material and mark it with a tape.

  • Avoid cable twisting with the power cord holder

In order to avoid any trouble when you are doing a cutting job, make sure that you are using the power cord holder to prevent the power cable from twisting.

  • Carving through the material

Make sure to apply a sequence of simple cuts that measures up for a several millimeters depth when cutting a circle. This will give you more control and accuracy on the cutting process. Not only that, but it will help you protect your router motor as well as the cutter cutting ends. Also to make sure that your disengaged item is not touching with the cutter, it is preferable to fasten it with a tape.

  • Mark your material

I this case, the beam trammel heads will help you mark your arc or circle before you begin cutting. It will trace the cutting path and make it easier for you to follow with it. This will assure that you are making accurate cutting and will help you with setting the router.

Routing a circle or arc in the surface of a material

1.Placing the beam trammel and router

Attach the beam trammel stick into the right form on the router’s support; make sure to keep it loose for the moment. Set the router and beam trammel on the item and identify the axis position…

Now, make sure to fasten the axis point by putting pressure into it and twist it into the item directly as deep as possible. Make sure to exercise pressure by making turns corresponding to that of the clock direction. Glide the rooter to meet with the trammel rod and adjust it to the marked line on the material.

2.Regulate cutter height

This is an important step that you should not miss. Adjust the height of the cutter to the preferred measurement/depth of the cut. Once you have placed it and fixed the height in the coveted position, turn the clamping handles to make sure that it is fastened and secured.

3.perform the cutting process

Once everything is secured and in position, you are ready to start your cutting job. Power your router motor and apply the plunge tool to be able to decrease your router slowly into the material. You will notice that you have reached the stop when the depth end will stop you. At this moment secure the rooter in that position.

Gradually rotate your router encompassing the axis of the beam trammel, in the opposite direction of the clock. Make sure that the sharp point of the beam trammel is not in motion.

4.polishing; the final step

Free the plunge hook once you finalize the cut and cautiously lift the router.

How To Cut a Circle With A Router – Details with Video


Hopefully, this article has helped you understand the different steps and tips needed when it comes to how to cut a circle with a router . Always make sure to reread the instruction provided with the router pack as each one differs in terms of accessories and regulations. And don’t forget about your own safety!

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