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Bosch Router Table Accessories

The power division of the Bosch professional tools is the leader in portable tools and accessories. The manufacturer offers blue power accessories and tools to introduce innovation into your work processes. The Bosch router table accessories are specifically designed for professionals who work intensively. The accessories will introduce ease into their everyday work without compromising their craftsmanship.

Advantages and Specifications

  • The table saw by Bosch is very compact and extremely powerful.
  • The table saw comes with an 1800 wattage motor. It starts off softly but provides long-lasting protection by working super-fast.
  • The table is designed to easily transport from one location to another, to remote project locations, or to your workshop. The compact design with different handles will assist you in easily carrying it.
  • The guide accessory comes with an angle guide, a dust extraction adapter, a parallel guide, a push stick, a circular saw blade, and an optic line wood.
  • The Bosch ruler comes with exact measurements.
  • The precise guidance systems extend themselves from aligning the connecting pieces.
  • The VEL connector provides stable and quick connections regarding guiding rails.
  • The anti-splinter guard will provide clean-cut edges.
  • The adhesive tape provides non-slippery handling.
  • The reciprocating saw blades are designed to provide straight and quick cuts, regardless of the thickness of the material.
  • The tooth pitch will enable cut in materials by providing multidimensional cuts with a variety of dimensions.
  • The tooth pitch varies from 1.8 to 3.2 mm.
  • The BIM blade is designed to cut regular length pipes and profiles.
  • The unique tooth design in one to eight mm dimensions will cut through a 100 mm capacity.
  • The table disc by Bosch is a reliable choice for providing cuts with the available construction material.
  • The disc will cut through many varieties of material.
  • The disc will cut brick, limestone, and roofing tiles.
  • It is designed to deliver reliable performance. The diamond disc design will accommodate tables and petrol saws as well.
  • Another form of a disc is the speed line circular saw blades. This will provide a fast rip and crosscuts through all types of wood.
  • The precise design of the blade with the high-quality blade tooth provides robust cutting like never before.
  • The blade is exceptionally stable with SK5 hardened steel that will also provide accurate cuts.
  • The slot provides a lower vibration that will dampen the noise to reduce heat development as well.
  • The saw blade accommodates all types of wood and wooden materials.
  • The blade saw is also compatible with tablet and hand-held saws.
  • The saw blade consists of a 235mm diameter with a bore size of 30mm.
  • The multitalented combination saw works with absolute precision.
  • The table saw and miter saw is one tool combined for your convenience.
  • The precise work can be integrated with a laser.


Bosch router table accessories continue to be the pioneer in providing cutting and manipulating materials such as woods and pipes. You can find detailed measurements and diameters of the tools mentioned above on the website. Cross-match your requirements and expertise before purchasing the tools, so shop wisely.

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